DON BRADLEY We haven' t decided on a plan of action

    yet. We must outline a strategy, but first let me

    summarise what we' ve said so far. This is a critical

    situation. We know that J. K. Toys are playing to win.

    And we know that right now they have the edge. So,

    let' s look at the down side. What are their advantages?

    They have a larger market share; they have a cheaper

    product; they have an earlier launch date, and we think

    they have a larger advertising budget.

[decide on 决定

a plan of action 行动计划

summarise 总结

critical situation 严峻的形势

outline 概括

edge 优势,有利条件

down side 劣势,不利条件

market share 市场分额

advertising budget 广告预算]

KATE McKENNA Their strategy is very clear: they want

    our share of the market, both the European market and

    the export market.

[strategy 战略]

DON BRADLEY We cannot let them succeed. We have

    to consider which of these factors we can influence.

    Kate, any ideas?

[factor 因素,方面

any ideas 有什么主意]

KATE McKENNA There are two immediate things we can

    do: we can increase our advertising budget and bring

    forward the launch date.

[bring forward 提前]

DON BRADLEY Derek, is that feasible?

[feasible 可行的]

DEREK JONES I don't think so.

CLIVE HARRIS I' ve got some news for you all.

DON BRADLEY Okay, just a second. I' 11 switch on the

    speaker. Okay, Clive, go ahead.

[switch on the speaker 打开扬声器]

CLIVE HARRIS I' ve got some useful information from

    Peter Day: first of all, I think they' re moving too fast.

   They haven't done their sums.

DEREK JONES Clive, this is Derek. Do you know how

   large their production run' s going to be?

[production run 产品产量]

CLIVE HARRIS It' s going to be around 300, 000 units.

DEREK JONES That's about what we hoped more than

   450, 000 and we' ve got problems.

KATE McKENNA This is Kate. I' ve got a question.

CLIVE HARRIS Go ahead, Kate.

KATE McKANNA Were you able to find out anything

   about their overseas marketing strategy?

[overseas marketing strategy 海外市场战略]

CLIVE HARRIS Well, I' 11 tell you this, Kate: they

   won't crack the American market- we' re a few steps

   ahead of them there, and I want you to exploit that

   advantage -you need to get out there fast. Look I'll

   ring off now. I'll get back to the office as soon as I


[crack 打开

exploit 开放,利用]

DON BRADLEY The most important thing now is to let

   all of the sales force know about this change in our

   game plan. Jenny, we need to write them at once. We

   need to give them some of the background to this -

   about what J. K. Toys are planning, and about our new

   marketing strategy - that' s 1. the launch date 2. the

   price cut. And 3. the increased advertising budget.

[sales force 销售部队

price cut 降价]

KATE McKENNA We need to make it clear that "Big

   Boss" is an absolute priority.

[an absolute priority 绝对优先]

DON BRADLEY Jenny, could you make a draft of that

   and we'll get it out as soon as possible. Edward -

   you' ve been very quiet -what else can we do in


[draft 草稿]

EDWARD GREEN We must get into Smith's catalogue

   - he's chosen  "Dealer Dan" and he's decided not to

   include "Big Boss".

KATE McKENNA I don't think he'll change his mind


CLIVE HARRIS I' 11 deal with Mr. Smith - I' 11 write to

   him straight after the meeting and let you have a copy.

[deal with 联系,处理,解决]

CLIVE HARRIS Jenny, I' d like to dictate a letter which

   needs to be faxed as soon as possible to Mr. Smith.

[dictate 听写]

JENNY ROSS Right, I' m ready.

CLIVE HARRIS Dear Mr. Smith ... I have learned that

   you have decided to select Dealer Dan for your

   catalogue, instead of Big Boss. I understand that your

   reasons for rejecting "Big Boss" are as follows: 1. That

   the unit cost will be 30% higher than the rival

   product. 2. That the launch date of Big Boss will be

   three weeks later. 3. That J. K. Toys, the manufacturer,

   will mount an extensive advertising campaign to coincide

   with the launch date of the product and the mailing date

    of your catalogue. I would like you to reconsider your

    decision in the light of the following:

    1. Bibury Systems have rescheduled the launch date of

    Big Boss to January 15th -one week before the planned

    launch of Dealer Dan. 2. Because of the market profile

    of' your catalogue, we have decided to offer you an extra

    2. 5% commission on sales through the catalogue in

    exchange for exclusivity. 3. In addition, Bibury Systems

    are prepared to offer your customers a discount of 15%

    on the recommended retail price. I am sure that this

    new information will encourage you to reconsider your

    decision and include "Big Boss" in your Spring

    Edition. I look forward to receiving your thoughts on

    this matter. Yours sincerely, Clive Harris MD Bibury


[reasons for… 的原因

rival 对手

coincide with 一致,相符

in the light of 根据,按照

market profile 市场形象

commission 佣金

exclusivity 独家经营权]

                         PROGRAMME 13

                  TRAVELLING ON BUSINESS


CLIVE HARRIS We have direct competition from

    J. K. Toys. We have to make sure that the sales and

    marketing campaign for Big Boss is the best we have

    ever done. So we are going to have to make an extra

    effort. We have brought the launch date forward to

    January 15th. It will be very tight, but I am sure that

    we can make this deadline. Do you agree? So, let's

   just outline what we are going to do. Kate, I think you

    should get the sales people in the States together as

    soon as possible.

[direct competition 直接的竞争

the sales and marketing campaign  销售和营销的竞争

extra 额外的

tight 紧的

outline 概括

sales people 销售人员]

KATE McKENNA Okay, I'll be on the first available


[I'll be on the first available flight. 我会坐最早的班机]

CLIVE HARRIS You ought to make sure that they

    understand how important this Big Boss project is.

[project 项目]

KATE McKENNA Should I talk to our UK agents as


[UK agent 英国的代理]

CLIVE HARRIS No, I think you ought to leave that to



CLIVE HARRIS Derek, I think you should visit the

    component suppliers that Don saw last week.  Confirm

    that they can meet these new deadlines. It's essential

    that they deliver on time, on spec and on price.

[component suppliers 零件供应尚

meet 满足

It's essential that 重要的是

Spec=specification 规格/specimen 样品]

DEREK JONES Okay.                              

CLIVE HARRIS Don, what are your plans?

DON BRADLEY I have arranged to go to see some of

  our overseas franchise holders next week.

[franchise holders 经销权所有人]

CLIVE HARRIS What countries are you going to?

DON BRADLEY I'm going to Italy, Egypt and Germany.

CLIVE HARRIS I don't think you should go, Don. I

   think you ought to stay at head office. It's essential

   that you co-ordinate the new launch strategy.

[co-ordinate 协调]

DON BRADLEY Okay. I don't want to cancel those

   meetings. Could I send Edward?

[cancel 取消]

CLIVE HARRIS Do you think he' s ready for that?

DON BRADLEY Edward is very' capable and I think a

   little international business travel will broaden his


[broaden his horizons 增长见识

horizon 地平线,视野]

CLIVE HARRIS Yes, certainly. Send Edward, but you

   ought to brief him very carefully.

[brief 指示]


CLIVE HARRIS Good. I'll talk to the Bank. I'll try to

   reschedule the loan. It won't be easy.

[reschedule 重新制定时间表

loan 贷款]

DON BRADLEY Geraldine, have you seen Edward?

GERALDINE He was here a second ago.

DON BRADLEY Thanks. Jenny, I am not going to be

   able to make the meeting with the franchise holders

   next week.

JENNY ROSS Oh, I have just finished typing up your


[typing up 打完了]

DON BRADLEY Sorry. Ah, Edward, are you interested

   in a little foreign travel?


DON BRADLEY How would you like to go to Italy on


EDWARD GREEN That would be very nice.

DON BRADLEY Good. And Egypt on Thursday?


DON BRADLEY And then back via Frankfurt.

[via 途径]

EDWARD GREEN How much cash do you think I should


[cash 现金]

DON BRADLEY Ah, you don't have a corporate charge

   card. Cash is going to be a bit of a problem. We' 11

   give you an advance against expenses.

[charge card 花费卡

advance 预付

expense 花费]

EDWARD GREEN Should I entertain any of the clients?

[entertain 招待]

DON BRADLEY I' 11 give you a full briefing before you

   go. But yes, I don' t see why not. You should buy

   Mr. Lang in Germany a meal. We owe him hospitality.

   In fact, he always pays for everything.

[hospitality 好客

owe ]

JENNY ROSS When you get to Italy, Mr. Barbetti, the

   Assistant Sales Manager, will meet your flight. He' 11

   be at arrivals at Milan airport.

EDWARD GREEN How will I know who Mr. Barbetti


JENNY ROSS I' 11 make sure he's carrying a Bibnry

   Systems brochure.

[brochure 小册子]

DON BRADLEY Don't spend too much on room service.

   And get a receipt for everything.

[receipt 收据]

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST How may I help you?

KATE McKENNA I'd like to send a fax to London,


HOTEL RECEPTIONIST Of course. If you could fill

   out this form and give it back to me, we' 11 send it off

   straight away.

[fill out this form 填表

straight away 立刻]

KATE McKENNA And could I buy a street map of


HOTEL RECEPTIONIST Please have it with our

   compliments. Have a nice day.

KATE McKENNA Thank you.


   Passenger Clark please contact information desk.

[contact 联系

information desk 信息台,服务中心]

CHECK-IN STEWARD Thank you. Have a good flight.

   Could I have your ticket and passport, please?

   Good afternoon, Mr. Green. Smoking or non-smoking?


EDWARD GREEN Non-smoking, please.

CHECK-IN STEWARD Would you like a window or

    aisle seat?

[aisle 走道]

EDWARD GREEN A window seat, please.

CHECK-IN STEWARD And do you have any luggage?

EDWARD GREEN Just one suitcase and one piece of

   hand luggage.

CHECK-IN STEWARD Put it on the scales, please.

   That' s fine Mr. Green. Here' s your boarding card.

   Boarding at gate 3 in about half an hour. The duty free

   lounge is through passport control and turn left.


boarding card 登机牌

duty free lounge 免税商店

passport control 护照检查]


KATE McKENNA Hello. Are there any messages for

    me? I'm in room 1637.

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST Yes, Ms. McKenna, there is

    a fax here and a telephone message.

KATE McKENNA Thank you ... Oh and I wonder if you

    could help me. A colleague of mine wants to meet me

   at this restaurant. Could you tell me the best way of

   getting there?

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST Well, it' s a five minute walk

   or you can get a cab. Would you like us to call a cab

   for you?

[cab 出租车]

KATE McKENNA That' s very kind of you, but I would

   like to walk. Could you tell me where I am on this


HOTEL RECEPTIONIST Right. We are here. The

   ,restaurant is there. So you take a right outside the

   hotel, here, and it' s a couple of blocks down. The

   entrance is just off the side-walk.

KATE McKENNA Thank you.

JENNY ROSS Edward, did you have a good journey?

EDWARD GREEN Excellent. I brought you back a little


[souvenir 纪念品]

JENNY ROSS Edward! Thank you and how was your

   meeting with Mr. Lang in Frankfurt?

EDWARD GREEN Very successful, I think.

JENNY ROSS Did you go for a meal?

EDWARD GREEN A very good meal. We had ...

JENNY ROSS And who paid for it?

EDWARD GREEN I did. Or rather Bibury Systems did.

JENNY ROSS  How did you manage that?

EDWARD GREEN Just before the bill came, I asked to

   be excused and then I paid the waiter.

KATE McKENNA I'd like to check out, please.

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST Certainly madam. Have you

   taken anything from the Minibar this morning?

KATE McKENNA No. There are two bags in my room.

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST I' 11 just call the bell captain.

   Here is your final account.

   Is something wrong?

[the bell captain 服务员总管]

KATE McKENNA No. I' m just not certain what this

   item refers to.

[item 项目

refer to 所指]]

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST Ah ... let me check ...

   That' s a deposit against the use of the conference

   facilities on Thursday.

[deposit 订金]


   Could I have a separate receipt for that please?

[separate receipt 单独的收据]

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST Of course, madam. I' 11 just

   print one out for you.

KATE McKENNA And can I just double check that I' m

   booked in here for two nights, starting Wednesday.

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST That's right Ms. McKenna.

   We look forward to seeing you again on Wednesday


                   PROGRAMME 14



KATE McKENNA Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very

   much for coming this afternoon. In the next hour or so

   I'm going to introduce you to a completely new concept

   in toy manufacture. I shall begin by talking about the

   market research which led to the development of this

   product. Then I shall explain the technical develop-

   ments, the production and our marketing strategy.

   Finally I shall outline our recommendations as to how

   you can make this product a success in your territory.

   By the end of the hour you will be able to see why

   Bibury Systems are so committed to this new venture

   and why we are so confident that we can capture the

   American market. So let's begin with the

   background . ..

[or so 大约

concept 概念

manufacture 制造,生产

begin by 开始

market research 市场研究

outline 概括

recommendation 推荐,建议

territory 领土

By the end of the hour 最后的时候

so committed to 如此的投入

venture 风险

confident 自信

capture 捕获,夺取

background 背景]

JENNY ROSS Can I speak to Phil Watson please?...

   This is Jenny from Bibury Systems.

PHIL WATSON Hello, Phil Watson.

JENNY ROSS Phil, this is Jenny from the marketing

   department of Bibury Systems.

PHIL WATSON Hi, Jenny. How's life?

[How's life? 生活过的怎么样]

JENNY ROSS Complicated. I' ye been leaving urgent

   messages for you for the last few days, but you

   obviously haven't seen them. I am afraid it looks like

   our competitors, J.K. Toys, have got something that is

   very similar to Big Boss.

[Complicated 复杂,难解的

urgent 紧急的

obviously 显然地]

PHIL WATSON Oh no. How similar?

JENNY ROSS It' s bad news. J. K. Toys are launching

   their product in six weeks' time, so we have decided

   to bring forward our launch date again. Can you bring

   over your designs so Don can see them?

[bring over 带过来]

PHIL WATSON They' re not finished yet, but I' 11 bring

   everything I have . ..

KATE McKENNA ... So to sum up, everything

   indicated that the market was ready for a hi-tech

   product, a product that would appeal to both parents

   and children, a product that lets the user decide the

   character of the toy. Ladies and gentlemen let me

   introduce a break-through in toy technology. Ladies and

   gentlemen, I give you  'Big Boss'

[sum up 总结

indicate 显示

hi-tech 高技术

appeal to 适合

break-through 突破]

BIG BOSS My name is  'Big Boss' . In six months'

   time everyone here in the United States of America will

   be talking about  'Big Boss' and you, my friends, can

   take a share in my incredible success.

[incredible 难以置信的]

CLIVE HARRIS Derek, I' ve got fifteen minutes. That'

   all. I have a meeting with the accountant.

[accountant 会计]

DEREK JONES I would just like you to take a look. It

   won' t take long. It' s a development of Big Boss. It' s

   Big Boss Mark 2.

CLIVE HARRIS It looks a bit like Big Boss.

[It looks a bit like 它看起来很像…]

DEREK JONES But it has emotions. It can cry. It can

   laugh. Not just make the noise. Every doll on the

   market can do that. No, Mark 2 can actually make the

   movements. And the gestures. It is programmed to look

   happy, sad, angry or tired at the touch of a button ...

   or even by voice control.

[emotion 情感,情绪

gestures 姿势]

CLIVE HARRIS Derek, I can see you' ve done a lot of

   work on this. It does look ingenious. How long has it

   taken you?

[ingenious 有独创性的]

DEREK JONES Months. I think it's a real break-


CLIVE HARRIS How difficult will it be to manufacture?

DEREK JONES We have new materials here. Have you

   seen the new treated plastics? They are very flexible.

   They arc much more adaptable than the Big Boss

   material. And we have the technology. Take a look at

   these basic designs. I'll show you what I mean.

[treated plastic 经过处理的塑料

flexible 灵活,柔软的

adaptable 可修改的]

CLIVE HARRIS It will cost a fortune to develop. It will

   cost three times as much as Big Boss.

[fortune 财富]

DEREK JONES Not that much. It is an expensive

   product. But Big Boss is selling upmarket.

[upmarket 在上档市场销售,质优价高]

CLIVE HARRIS Let's see what Don and Kate say, but I

   think it will cost too much.

KATE McKENNA . .. To conclude the presentation we

  have seen that Big Boss can succeed in the American

  market. We have a product that can give the user more

  than anything else on the market. There is nothing that

  can touch it. Our competitors cannot deliver the tech-

  nology. They cannot match our price and they can't

  compete with our television campaign.  'Big Boss' is

  going to be coast to coast at peak hours every day in

  the new year. And how much are we spending on this

  campaign? Well, let's have a look at the individual


[conclude 结束

deliver the technology 提供技术

match 相称

compete 比赛,竞争

campaign 竞争

coast to coast 从东海岸到西海岸,全美

peak hours 高峰时刻,黄金档

individual 个别,单独的]

PHIL WATSON This is the wording, which I agreed with


[wording 措辞]

 DON BRADLEY Fine. It' s very clear. And I think these

    colours work very well.

PHIL WATSON We'll have three different photographs

    of the Boss on the display.

[display 展览,展示]

DON BRADLEY Yes, I like these two stills but I'm not

    sure about that one.

[still 静态照片]

PHIL WATSON There are plenty of options. Have a look

    at these contact sheets.

[option 选择

contact 联系,相关的]

DON BRADLEY How soon will this be camera-ready?

[How soon 多久…]

PHIL WATSON By next Tuesday.

DON BRADLEY. I really need this for tomorrow.

PHIL WATSON Tomorrow! That's difficult.

DON BRADLEY How difficult?

[How difficult? 有多难啊?]

PHIL WATSON It'll be ready for tomorrow.

                      PROGRAMME 15



KATE McKENNA Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for

    your attention. But ... I would just like to say a few

    more words ... I promise to keep it brief. I know that

    one or two of you have to leave now, but for those who

    can stay, it' s time to relax. We have prepared some

    refreshments so that you can talk informally about how

    we can work together to make Big Boss a success. The

   table that' s over there has plenty of food on it! And I

   hope to be able to speak to all of you before you leave.

   And once again, thank you very much for coming.

[attention 注意,关心

promise 保证

keep it brief 使之很短

relax 休闲

refreshment 点心

informally 随意地,非正式地]

CLIVE HARRIS Don, what are your plans for this


DON BRADLEY Nothing special. Why?

[Nothing special 没什么特别的]

CLIVE HARRIS Sakai is back in London for a week

   before flying home. He still hasn't decided which

   company he wants to deal with. He is interested in

   Dealer Dan. We will have to work hard. We have to

   close this deal. He may be free this weekend and a

   friend of Sakai' s told me he' s a keen golfer. Will you

   be able to offer him a game?

[close this deal 完成交易

keen golfer 高尔夫球迷

offer 提供]

DON BRADLEY Yes, I could call him at his hotel.

KATE McKENNA Yes . . . we know how important the

   American market is. In fact our Chief Executive

   appointed an American as Director of Marketing and

   Sales. Well, you know Don Bradley ... he's born and

   bred in Los Angeles.

[Chief Executive 总裁

appoint 约见

bred breed的过去分词, 生长]

DON BRADLEY Ah, Mr. Sakai, this is Don Bradley

    from Bibury Systems.

MR. SAKAI Ah, yes, hello Don.

DON BRADLEY How' s your trip going?

[How' s your trip going? 你的旅行怎么样?]

MR. SAKAI Very well, thank you. Hard work, but very


[Hard work 辛苦的工作]

DON BRADLEY I hear you play golf?

MR. SAKAI That's right. I do.

DON BRADLEY I'm a member of a very good club

    that' s not far from your hotel. Would you care for a

    round tomorrow?

[care for 喜欢

round (一)场,(一)局]

MR. SAKAI Thank you very much, but I have just

    arranged to visit some tourist sites tomorrow.

DON BRADLEY Then how about on Sunday?

MR. SAKAI Yes. That's fine.

DON BRADLEY Can I offer you a lift? I' 11 come to

    collect you at your hotel at 10.30.

[offer 提供

lift 搭车

collect 接(某人)]

MR. SAKAI That' s very nice of you.

DON BRADLEY Let's meet in the hotel lobby.

[hotel lobby 酒店大厅]


KATE McKENNA Would you excuse me? I must just

    have a quick word with George before he goes. George,

    thank you very much for coming. I hope you think it

   was worth it.

[have a quick word with 和某人要很快的谈一下]

US SALES AGENT Kate, it has been a great presen-

    tation and a great evening.

KATE McKENNA Well, please stay in touch and let me

   know how the campaign goes.

[stay in touch 保持联系]

MR. SAKAI How often do you manage to play golf?

DON BRADLEY I like to play twice a week but neither

   Clive nor I have been able to play in the last three

   weeks because we' ve been too busy.

MR. SAKAI If I could just touch on business for a

   second . . .

[touch on 涉及到]

DON BRADLEY Please do.

MR. SAKAI Let me be open. A rival of Bibury Systems

   is not only marketing a similar product but is also

   launching it around the same time.

[open 开诚布公]

DON BRADLEY Have you seen the rival product?

MR. SAKAI Yes, I have seen Dealer Dan.

DON BRADLEY Which product would you prefer?

[prefer 更喜欢]

MR. SAKAI Personally I like the Boss better.

[Personally 就我个人来说]

MR. SAKAI Why did you come to the UK?

DON BRADLEY My wife is English. We lived in

   America for a while, but she prefers living near her


MR. SAKAI How did you meet your wife?

DON BRADLEY After university I came to Europe to

    have a short holiday. At least that was the plan.

    Within six months I was both married and working for

    Bibury Systems. And I' m still here.

MR. SAKAI You must like living in the UK, then?

DON BRADLEY At first I thought I would never get used

    to the weather, but there are lots of good things. I love

    the countryside and I really enjoy going to the theatre.

[get used to 习惯,适应

countryside 郊外]

MR. SAKAI Ah, you like the theatre.

DON BRADLEY I love the theatre!

MR. SAKAI That's good. I was planning to go to the

    theatre to see  'Twelfth Night'. Do you have any plans

   for tomorrow evening?

['Twelfth Night'. 十二夜]

DON BRADLEY No, not really.

MR. SAKAI If you can spare the time perhaps you and

   your wife would care to join me.

DON BRADLEY Well, I'll have to check with her, but

   it sounds like a wonderful idea. And after the play you

   must let us buy you dinner in return.

[in return 回报]

MR. SAKAI See you tomorrow, Don.


MR. SAKAI First of all I would like to thank you for

    your hospitality, your excellent presentations and your

   patience. I'm afraid it has taken me a long time to

   decide on a European partner, but I am sure you will

   understand that it is a very important decision for

   Detmore Systems. I have looked at all the options, I

   have talked to my staff in Tokyo and we have decided

   on Big Boss.

   Ten minutes ago Clive and I shook hands on a

   provisional agreement. There is still a lot of negotiating

   to do, of course, but I am looking forward to successful

   partnership with your company and I am sure we' 11 get

   to know each other very well over the next few months.

[hospitality 好客

patience 耐心

option 选择

provisional agreement 临时协议

negotiating 协商]


                   PROGRAMME 16



MR. SAKAI I' m sorry to have to say this, Clive, but we

   have got a problem.

CLIVE HARRIS Hasn't the consignment arrived yet? We

   sent them off on ...

[consignment 发货]

MR. SAKAI No, Clive, you misunderstand me, the

   consignment arrived two days ago. Right on schedule.

   No, the problem is with the product itself.

[on schedule 按时间表]

CLIVE HARRIS What is it?

MR. SAKAI Last night I had a phone call from one of my

   warehouse managers. He was very excited with the new

   product. He was certain that his son would love one.

   So he took one home, opened it up and switched it on,

   and heard this ...

[warehouse 仓库

switch  on 打开开关]

CLIVE HARRIS Do you have any idea how many units

   are defective?

[defective 有问题有缺陷]

MR. SAKAI We spent the day checking the whole

   consignment. Unfortunately it looks like batch numbers

   993 and 994 all have the same problem. Everything

   else seems fine. But it was a long job. My staff had to

   check every toy.

[batch (一)批]

CLIVE HARRIS Kazo, I will get this sorted out imme-


[sort out 解决]

MR. SAKAI Clive, it is essential that we have these on

   the shelves by the end of this week.

[on the shelves 上架]

CLIVE HARRIS I am sending Derek Jones over on the

   first flight. And I shall send Don to the suppliers to

   make sure it won't happen again.

[send over

supplier 供应商]

DON BRADLEY There are two hundred faulty circuit

   boards. Our product for the far Eastern launch is

   defective. This will damage our reputation in the market

   place and it's very embarrassing for us. I want to know

   what you' re going to do to remedy the situation.

[faulty 有缺陷的

circuit board 线路板

reputation 声誉

embarrassing 令人尴尬的,令人为难的]

MR. CLAYTON Mr. Bradley, we have tracked down the

   problem. We can guarantee that it won't happen again.

   There was a localised problem in quality control which

   we have isolated and rectified. We now have a new

   Quality Assurance programme.

[track down 查明

guarantee 保证

quality control 质量控制

isolate 孤立,隔离

rectify 矫正

Quality Assurance programme 质量保证系统]

DON BRADLEY That' s all very well but you have failed

   to meet the terms of the contract. I am afraid we have

   no option. We will have to terminate the contract and

   find a new supplier.

[meet 满足

the terms of the contract 合同条款

terminate 终结]

MR. CLAYTON Mr. Bradley, I understand your concern

   and recognise that it's a very unsatisfactory situation,

   but may I point out it was just two batches that were

   defective . ..

[concern 所关心的

unsatisfactory 不满意]

DON BRADLEY It may have been just two batches but

   we now have two hundred defective products on the

   market with the Bibury name on them.

MR. CLAYTON Mr. Bradley, we appreciate that the

   situation has damaged your reputation. And we are very

   sorry. But we also have a good reputation. And that

   reputation is built upon reliability and good relation-

   ships with our customers. We supply many leading

   companies and we are very embarrassed by this

   incident. I must assure you that it won't happen again.

[be built upon 建立在

reliability 可靠性

leading company 顶级公司

incident 事故

assure 保证,确定]

DON BRADLEY How can I be certain that it won't

   happen again?

[certain 确定]

JENNY ROSS Hello, this is Bibury Systems. The fax

   machine that we hired from you has broken down.  The

   paper keeps jamming. It hash' t worked properly since

   you installed it. We would like someone to come and

   fix it now.

   Look, I spoke to someone three hours ago. They said

   an engineer would come before lunchtime.

   But in the service agreement it says that you will send

   someone within twenty-four hours.

   We need it fixed today. Well, if you can't get it

   repaired today then we will have to cancel our rental


[broken down 坏了

jam 挤压

install 安装

service agreement 服务条款

cancel 取消

rental agreement 租赁协议]


JENNY ROSS Welcome back.  I hear the American

   launch was a great success.

KATE McKENNA ! think we' ve cracked it. Orders for

   Big Boss are right on target. And I had a wonderful

   holiday. For a few weeks I managed to stop thinking

   about Big Boss. So how have things been here? Is this

   post mine?

JENNY ROSS No. This is yours. You haven't heard the


KATE McKENNA What's happened?

JENNY ROSS There's a problem with the circuitry on

   some of the units that went to Japan last week.

[circuitry 线路]


JENNY ROSS Derek flew to Tokyo to look at the


KATE McKENNA So it' s serious.

JENNY ROSS Yes. And Don's gone to the component

   supplier to find out how it happened. We think we

   have tracked the problem down to just two batches,

   but ...

KATE McKENNA I don' t believe this. Where' s Clive?

JENNY ROSS He's in a meeting.

KATE McKENNA Jenny, I need to talk to him as soon

   as possible. I' ve negotiated sales of over 80, 000 units

   to the States ...

    many moving parts,

[negotiate 协商


DEREK JONES So does a car, but that seems to sell.

KATE McKENNA That's not the point. The more

    moving parts you have the more likely something will g


DEREK JONES I don't agree.

DON BRADLEY Let' s just hold on a second and think

    about this. Derek, you like the concept and think it

    will sell; Kate, you can't see a market for it.

KATE McKENNA I can't see where it fits in our

    product range.

DON BRADLEY I'm inclined to agree with Kate. This

    is much more expensive than anything else we market.

KATE McKENNA Although it's a wonderful idea, we

   just won't be able to sell it. You must see that

   yourself, Derek.

DEREK JONES Well not really ...

DON BRADLEY Edward, what do you think?

EDWARD GREEN Can I just check something here

   Derek? Are you saying that there is a plastic thin

   enough and flexible enough to make this realistic?


EDWARD GREEN That's brilliant. On paper, I think

   it's the most remarkable thing I've seen.

DON BRADLEY Well, maybe Edward has something.

   Maybe we ought to have a closer look.

DANNY McNEIL I don't know what's happened to your

   boss. He knows I never start my meetings late. Do you

   want to wait here for Don or would you rather look


EDWARD GREEN If it' s alight with you, I' d like to

   look around.

DANNY McNEIL Good choice.

DANNY McNEIL Of course, I have two or three

   meetings a day with sales people like you.

EDWARD GREEN It' s very good of you to see me.

DANNY McNEIL I always talk to my suppliers

   myself- it' s the best way of working. And I always

  prefer to bring them down here - they get a better idea

  of our operation. They must understand how we work.

  Our success is based upon a certain fornmla. Whereas

  most supermarkets target individual territories, our

  products are pan-European. We always buy in the

  products with the best sales performance - products

  with a proven track record. We look for the biggest

    discounts, and we usually get them.


 DON BRADLEY Danny, it's Don Bradley here.

 DANNY McNEIL Good Morning, Don. I thought I was

    meeting you here.

 DON BRADLEY I'm sorry Danny. That was the plan,

    but I' m going to be late. This meeting is taking longer

    than expected.

 DANNY McNEIL Oh. When can you get here?

 DON BRADLEY I' 11 be there as soon as I can. Is

    Edward with you ?


DON BRADLEY Could you start the meeting without me

    Edward knows the situation.

    Oh, and ean I have a quick word with him?

DANNY McNEIL I' 11 pass the phone to him.

DANNY McNEIL Okay. It' s for you - it' s Don Bradley,

    he's got a problem.

EDWARD GREEN Oh, thanks.

DANNY McNEIL Would you like a word in private?

EDWARD GREEN If you don' t mind.

DON BRADLEY Sorry Edward. I' m stuck in a meeting

   here. You' 11 have to deal with McNeil by yourself.


DON BRADLEY Can you talk?

EDWARD GREEN Yes, he's stepped away for a few

   minutes. Do you really want me to negotiate? Wouldn't

   you rather postpone the meeting?

DON BRADLEY How do you feel about it ?

EDWARD GREEN I'm happy to go ahead, I think.

DON BRADLEY You don't sound sure.


DON BRADLEY Look: we' ve talked about this

   negotiation. You know the game plan. Do your best . ..

   I' ll be there as soon as I can.

EDWARD GREEN Okay Don. I' 11 do what I can. See

   you later.


EDWARD GREEN Yes, thanks.

DANNY McNEIL So Don can't make it, Oh well, right,

   what was I saying? Oh yes: discounts.

EDWARD GREEN We're certainly happy to talk about

   possible discounts.

DANNY McNEIL You see this?


DANNY McNEIL How many of these do you think we' ve

    sold in Europe in the last month?

EDWARD GREEN 1,800 - 2, 000.

DANNY McNEIL We sell more than that weekly.

EDWARD GREEN How much do you sell it for?

DANNY McNEIL This retails in France for 130 FF -we

    sell it much cheaper- 90FF.

EDWARD GREEN That's very impressive.

DANNY McNEIL I work on higher volumes and I have to

    move products faster than any other retailer. That

    means I operate on smaller margins. And, I repeat, I

    expect the largest discounts in the industry. But over

    here - here' s a product that failed. We made a mistake

    with this one - of course, I didn't select this one

    myself. Right you've seen how our operation works.

    You know what I'm after. Let's get down to business.

    Would you prefer to talk here or in my office?

EDWARD GREEN The office is fine.

                           PROGRAMME 18

                        NEGOTIATING PRICES


DANNY McNEIL Before we begin, are you sure that you

    are in a position to conduct this negotiation?

[conduct 进行]

EDWARD GREEN Yes, I have the authority to negotiate

    with you.

[authority 职权]

DANNY McNEIL Right. Let's get down to business.

EDWARD GREEN Which of our product lines are you

    particularly interested in Mr. McNeil?

[particularly 特别地]

DANNY McNEIL I could be interested in these ones that

    I have outlined here. But I want to hear what you say

    about discounts.

[discount 打折,折扣]

EDWARD GREEN Let's talk specifically about Big


DANNY McNEIL Let's be clear about one thing. I hope

    you realise that we must have a much larger discount

    than what's on the table now.

[realize 明白]

EDWARD GREEN I think the discount problem can be

    resolved but you need to be more precise about


[precise 精确]

DANNY McNEIL Fair enough. What kind of discount

    are you offering on ten thousand units?

EDWARD GREEN On ten thousand units, Mr. McNeil,

    I can offer a discount of thirty percent. But I can' t

    offer more...

DANNY McNEIL 30 per cent!

EDWARD GREEN Just let me finish, 30 percent, but

   with a guarantee of delivery within two months.

[guarantee 保证

delivery 发货]

DANNY McNEIL Delivery must be within two months or

   I'm not interested. I'm offering you the chance to

   make a very large sale and you are turning it down

   because we' re...

[turn down 拒绝]

EDWARD GREEN Can I just come in here Mr. McNeil?

   I haven't turned anything down. I haven't said "no".

   I am just saying that on ten thousand units our discount

   terms are thirty percent.


EDWARD GREEN Please let me finish. Now if you

   commit to buy twenty thousand units then I could

   consider a larger discount.

[commit 从事

consider 考虑]

DANNY McNEIL How much larger?

EDWARD GREEN If you commit to twenty thousand

   units then I can offer a thirty-five percent discount.

DANNY McNEIL Thirty, thirty five percent. I' m getting

   tired of this. You are playing games. I am looking for

   a large discount, and I hope that you' re going to offer

   me one.

[get tired of 厌倦了]

EDWARD GREEN If you want a big discount then you

   must make the order a big one.

   Let' s talk about unit price rather than discount. Our

   standard unit price to the wholesaler is 23.5.

[standard unit 标准件

wholesaler 批发商]

DANNY McNEIL And I' m not interested in 23.5.

EDWARD GREEN Yes, I know that Mr. McNeil. If you

   buy 40, 000 units, then I can offer a unit price of

   19.5. What will your mark-up be on the Boss, 3,

   3.5, 4?

[mark-up 毛利]

DANNY McNEIL About that.

EDWARD GREEN With those figures you' re going to be

   very competitive.

DANNY McNEIL 19.5 unit price?

EDWARD GREEN If you buy 40, 000 units; that

   represents a discount of ...

DANNY McNEIL I have a calculator, too. I can see

   what the discount is. Offer me a unit price of 19.5 on

   25,000 units and we can do business.

[calculator 计算器]

EDWARD GREEN I can't do that. I'm sorry.

DANNY McNEIL Let's break for a few minute. I've got

   a few things I have to see to. I' 11 be a couple of

   minutes. Would you like a cup of coffee?

[Let's break 休息一下]

EDWARD GREEN Yes, please.

DANNY McNEIL Help yourself to the phone if you

    want to make a call.

EDWARD Thanks.

DON BRADLEY Don Bradley.

EDWARD GREEN Hi, Don. How's the meeting?

DON BRADLEY It' s just finished. I' m on my way over.

    How's your meeting?

EDWARD GREEN He's definitely interested. We're

    having a break.

DON BRADLEY What' s the situation?

[situation 情况]

EDWARD GREEN It's becoming difficult, we' re stuck

    on the size of the order for Big Boss. He wants a unit

     price of 19.5 on an order of 25,000.

[be stuck on 陷于…]

DON BRADLEY That sounds good to me.

EDWARD GREEN I think we can push him further.

DON BRADLEY Do you think so?

EDWARD GREEN I think so ... I hope so.

DON BRADLEY Be careful. He's a clever man. I've

    dealt with McNeil before. When he starts banging on

    the table, that's as far as you can go with him. Good


[bang ]

EDWARD GREEN Thanks. So let's clarify the position

    so far. As far as Big Boss is concerned we have agreed

    on a unit price of 20 for 30, 000, and I can' t go below

    that price for an order of this size. Now let' s look at

    terms of payment.

[clarify 澄清,说明

terms of payment 支付条件]

DANNY McNEIL Ninety days.

EDWARD GREEN I' m sorry Mr. McNeil, but that's

    completely unacceptable. Our standard policy on

    discounts of over thirty percent is payment within thirty

    days of delivery.

DANNY McNEIL This is not a standard situation. I am

    making a very large order . . .

EDWARD GREEN Can I just come in here, Mr.

    McNeil? I know you' re making a large order but you

    are also getting an excellent product at a very large


DANNY McNEIL I can' t believe that this is your final


EDWARD GREEN If you order 35,000 then I can

    authorise payment in 90 days.

DANNY McNEIL We have already decided on quantity.

    This is my last offer. 30, 000 at 60 days payment.

    Take it or leave it.

[Take it or leave it 要还是不要]

EDWARD GREEN I think that offer will be acceptable.

    So all we have to do now is finalise the delivery


DANNY McNEIL Well, let's discuss the details


DANNY McNEIL Come in ! Don, how are you?

DON BRADLEY Hello, Danny, Edward. I' m sorry I'm


DANNY McNEIL You are late. I'd rather do business

    with you than this young man. What have you been

    feeding him?

DON BRADLEY Oh, we don't feed him. We like to

    keep our staff hungry.

                     PROGRAMME 19



DON BRADLEY I'd like you to look at those figures:

    As you can see, the maximum retail price for the Mark

    2 must be 60. That means, that to keep our margins,

    our production costs must be no more than 14 per unit.

[the maximum retail price 最高零售价

margin 利润]

DEREK JONES I' d rather have a retail price of 75. I

    don' t believe that the Mark 2 can be produced for less

    than 18 per unit.

DON BRADLEY That retail price is not a realistic

    option, Derek. We've done the research.

[realistic 现实的]

DEREK JONES But it' s not just a toy. This is a genuine


[genuine 纯正的]

DON Derek ...

DEREK JONES Let me finish -this is a genuine

    breakthrough and the market will be prepared to pay a

    premium price for something that is so advanced.

[premium 额外的]

DON BRADLEY Derek, let me ...

DEREK JONES Just a minute. There is nothing like this

    on the market, we have to take a chance with it.

CLIVE HARRIS Derek, I don't like arguing with you,

    but I have to agree with Don. I'm sorry, we can't

    take the risk. I say we retail at 60 and produce at 14.

[argue 争论

take the risk 冒险]

DEREK JONES No manufacturer will be able to produce

    the Mark 2 for 14 per unit and maintain the quality.

[maintain 维持]

CLIVE HARRIS I would rather not decide anything now.

DEREK JONES I would like to show it to Hazelford

    Systems. They might be able to produce it for 15 or


KATE McKENNA Jenny, could you do something about

    this fax machine? Phone the company, cancel the

    rental agreement and get the best deal you can from

    another firm. I' m sick of this.

[I' m sick of this 我对此厌烦了]

JENNY ROSS Hello. This is Jenny Ross of Bibury

    Systems. We hired a fax machine from you and I would

    like to cancel our rental agreement.

    No, I' m sorry. I would rather just cancel the

    agreement . . .

    No, we did ask you to send someone yesterday and it

    still isn't working properly.

    I' m sorry, but I have to say no.

    Yes, if you could send someone to collect it tomorrow

    morning, please.

DANNY McNEIL Now let's turn to the Big Boss. What

    is the soonest you can deliver?

[soonest 最早]

EDWARD GREEN You can have the first five thousand

    units before the end of the month.

DANNY McNEIL I want ten thousand by the end of the


EDWARD GREEN Well, Mr. McNeil, that will be

    difficult, but as you have been so understanding over

    the question of price, I think we can arrange that.

DANNY McNEIL What about the balance of the order?

[balance of the order 订单的余额]

EDWARD GREEN We can deliver that in three

    consignments over the following three months.

DANNY McNEIL I' d rather have everything delivered by

    the end of May.

EDWARD GREEN I can't promise to do that, but I

    shall do my best.

[promise 答应]

MS WONG First of all, let me welcome all the

    representatives of Bibury Systems. I' d like to say that

    we at Hazelford Systems are delighted that you are

    considering us as a future supplier. Perhaps I could

    begin by checking that everyone has a copy of the

    agenda? And I' d like to add one extra item, if I

    may ... could we discuss the question of exchange

    procedures after item four, which looks at general

    payment conditions?

    So let's make a start. Mr. Jones, would you like to

    outline your position on the first item on the agenda:

    technological specifications?

[check 检查

technological specifications 技术规格]

DEREK JONES Thank you. I think that we need to

    consider a couple of options when we look at this

    question ...

FAX REP So that's fine. You can sign the contract when

    we deliver the machine.

JENNY ROSS How soon can we expect delivery?

FAX REP Well, would next Tuesday be convenient?

[convenient 方便]

JENNY ROSS No, we really need it today.

FAX REP I' m afraid that's just not possible.

JENNY ROSS Well, what is the earliest you can deliver?

FAX REP We can't do it before Friday afternoon.

JENNY ROSS Well, I' m afraid we really need the

   machine by tomorrow at the latest or I' m going to have

   to look elsewhere.

FAX REP Okay, I' 11 see what I can do.

JENNY ROSS I' in sorry but that just isn't good enough.

   I must have a guarantee of delivery by tomorrow.

FAX REP I' 11 need to speak to my boss. Can I call you

   back in ten minutes?

MS WONG I'm sorry. This is a very difficult situation.

    I understand your problem, but you must see our

   position. We think this is a very exciting project, but

   because we cannot find a compromise I' m afraid we

   can go no further.

[go no further 走不了更远了]

CLIVE HARRIS We cannot go higher than 14 for

    30, 000 units. That is our final offer.

MS WONG But you must realise that at this price our

   margin is unacceptable. So, I think we have covered

   all the items on today's agenda, I am sorry that we

   have reached no solution on the final item which is the

    Mark 2 project. Could I suggest that we adjourn for

   today and meet tomorrow morning at ten o' clock?

[adjourn 休会]

JENNY ROSS Is Clive back yet?

GERALDINE He phoned about twenty minutes ago -

    said he was on his way. He didn't sound very happy.

JENNY ROSS Oh dear. I wanted to ask him about

    taking a couple of days off.

GERALDINE I'd suggest that you wait. I don't think


GERALDINE Oh, Mr. Harris there's a message

      from ...

CLIVE HARRIS Geraldine, I' m in a meeting with

    Derek. Hold all my calls.

JENNY ROSS I see what you mean!

GERALDINE I' ve never seen Derek look so angry.

    What's going on?

JENNY ROSS I don't know. Have they had an


KATE McKENNA Well! That was an interesting

    journey! Twenty minutes of total silence.

[silence 沉默]

JENNY ROSS What's going on ?

KATE McKENNA I think the word to describe the

    situation is  "deadlock".

[deadlock 僵局]

CLIVE HARRIS Derek, you are being unreasonable.

DEREK JONES Me? Why won't you move on fourteen?

CLIVE HARRIS Derek, we have been through this. We

    have agreed our negotiating position.

DEREK JONES I have never agreed to this position. We

    aren't offering any flexibility. They have to protect

    their margins.

[flexibility 灵活性]

CLIVE HARRIS Then we can't do the project.

DEREK JONES That's your decision, is it ?

CLIVE HARRIS Derek, I have no choice.

DEREK JONES I'm sorry Clive. I can't accept that.

CLIVE HARRIS What are you saying?

DEREK JONES I' m giving in my resignation.

[resignation 辞职]

CLIVE HARRIS That' s ridiculous. You' re tired. Sleep

    on it and we' 11 talk in the morning.

[ridiculous 荒唐的]

                           PROGRAMME 20

                        CONCLUDING A DEAL


DEREK JONES I have been with Bibnry Systems for

    twelve years. I have given the company 100%

    commitment. I feel very disappointed that you are

    unable to support me on this project. I know that the

    Mark 2 will work and it will sell. I intend to start

    looking for a company that values new ideas.

[commitment 投入

intend 打算

value 重视]

CLIVE HARRIS Derek, there must be a way round this.

    I know how you feel. And I do value your contribution.

    To prove it I'm going to increase your research

    budget ...

[contribution 贡献]

DEREK JONES That's not the point, Clive ...

[That's not the point 不是这个问题]

CLIVE HARRIS Clive Harris. Yes, put her through.

    Sally - good morning. Yes, he is. Just a minute.

    It's Sally Wong. She wants to talk to you.

DON BRADLEY Edward, I've looked through the draft

    contract with Eromart. I see you've covered packaging,

    insurance, late delivery penalties ... and you did well

   to make him agree to be more flexible over terms of

   payment. Well done. Now we can get the contract


[draft 草案

cover 覆盖

penalty 处罚]

EDWARD GREEN  Before I go, can we have a chat?

DON BRADLEY Sure. What about?

EDWARD GREEN Don, I have been with Bibury

    Systems for 6 months now, and I'd like to talk about

   my future.

MS WONG I'm terribly sorry to ask you to come here

   early, but I have a proposal that could benefit both of

   us. Could I suggest that we look at these designs again?

   Particularly I want you to look at the interface between

   the release mechanism and the scanner. I believe that

   we can make the process simpler.

[proposal 提议

interface 交接处]

DEREK JONES No. I have been through this many


MS WONG I am sorry, if you could just bear with me a

    second ... I spent all last night worrying about this. I

   believe the conclusion of yesterday' s meeting was very

   unfortunate. I wanted to find a way forward and I think

   I have. The scanner does not need to be powered from

   the same source. That means it can be produced


[bear 容忍,允许]

DEREK JONES No, no, no, it' s . . . Your' re right.

   This is brilliant.

MS WONG It's really very simple.

DON BRADLEY Is there a problem? Aren't you happy


EDWARD GREEN Yes. But I would like to know what

   plans you have for me. I feel I' ve made good progress

   here over the last six months. What do you think?

DON BRADLEY I agree. We're very happy with what

   you have done. Of course you did make a few

   mistakes, especially early on, but generally I see you

   as an important part of the team and I' m sure Kate

   goes along with that.

EDWARD GREEN That' s good to hear, thank you. I

   feel I've learned a lot here in the last six months.

   Obviously six months ago I couldn' t have negotiated a

   large deal with Eromart . .. but now I can.

DON BRADLEY Let's be open here, Edward. Are we

   talking about salary?

[Let's be open here 我们还是直接一些吧]

EDWARD GREEN It' s not just a question of money

   Don. I want to look at the whole package. It' s salary,

   performance-related bonus, a company charge card, an

   expense account, a car, and a more responsible


[the whole package 整个所得的情况

performance-related bonus 业绩奖金

expense account 开销帐户]

DON BRADLEY I think we should sit down, don't you'?

MS WONG I am very happy that we have been able to

   overcome the difficulties. I think our negotiations have

   been very successful and as a result we are in a position

   to move forward with this project, 

[overcome 克服]                

CLIVE HARRIS I would like to thank Sally Wong for her

    outstanding contribution to this project.

[outstanding 杰出的]

DEREK JONES Here, here.

CLIVE HARRIS She has worked very hard to find a

    solution to what seemed an impossible problem.

MS WONG Thank you. I think the Mark 2 is a very

    exciting concept. Perhaps we should spend some time

    summarising and clarifying what we have agreed ...

[summarizing 总结

clarifying 阐明]

DON BRADLEY Edward, if you insist on the car then I

    can' t offer you such a large salary increase, and we'll

    have to find some compromise on the performance-

    related bonus.

EDWARD GREEN I think I am worth the salary.

DON BRADLEY I' ll prepared to offer you a larger

    bonus, but if you accept that, then you have to accept

    a smaller salary increase.

EDWARD GREEN Could you be more precise?

[precise 精确的]

DON BRADLEY If you accept a fifteen percent increase

    in salary then I can add an extra five percent on that

    bonus figure. That represents a forty percent increase

    next year. If you make your targets.

EDWARD GREEN Okay, if you make that a seventeen

    percent salary increase, I think we can reach agree-



CLIVE HARRIS Sally, we very much appreciate your

    efforts to make this product possible. I have a small

    token of our gratitude which I would like you to have.

[appreciate 欣赏,感激]

MS WONG  That is very kind of you.

EDWARD GREEN Which just leaves the matter of the


DON BRADLEY But Edward, I said the salary increase

    was conditional on you making a concession on the car.

[concession 让步]

EDWARD GREEN I' 11 accept a smaller ear.

DON BRADLEY Alright. Now let' s go through these

    points once more. Clive is going to kill me. Where did

    you learn to negotiate, Edward?

EDWARD GREEN You taught me everything I know,


JENNY ROSS Good night Geraldine.

GERALDINE Good night.