GERALDINE Good morning.  Bibury Systems. Can I help you?

[Bibury Systems 直接说出公司名称]

JENNY ROSS Good morning,  Geraldine.

 GERALDINE Good morning,  Jenny.   Your newspapers

and the post.

[post 邮件]

CLIVE HARRIS Good morning,  Jenny.  Good weekend?

[Good weekend?  一般问候语,周末过的如何?]

JENNY ROSS Excellent,  thank you.

[excellent 非常好]

CLIVE HARRIS It is cold this morning.


JENNY ROSS Yes.  Very cold.

CLIVE HARRIS   Good morning,  Geraldine.

GERALDINE Good morning,  Mr.   Harris.  Your news­paper and your post.

JENNY ROSS Good morning,  Kate.

KATE McKENNA Good morning,  Jenny.  How are you?

JENNY ROSS I' m fine,  thank you.

DON BRADLEY Good morning, Jenny.

JENNY ROSS Good morning,  Don.

EDWARD GREEN Good morning.  My name's Edward

Green.  I' m here to see Don Bradley.

GERALDINE Ah yes.  One moment,  please.

[One moment,  please.  稍等片刻]

GERALDINE Hello.  Jenny,  Edward Green is in

reception.  Please,  sit down.

[reception 接待处]


JENNY ROSS Are you Edward Green?


JENNY ROSS I'm Jenny Ross.  How do you do?

 EDWARD GREEN Hello.  Pleased to meet you.

JENNY ROSS Welcome to Bibury Systems.


JENNY ROSS I'm the Head of Administration in the

Marketing Department.  My boss is Don Bradley.

Well . . .   our boss is Don Bradley!   Let me show you

the department.

[Administration 管理]

JENNY ROSS This is the Marketing Department.  This is

my desk.  Er . . .  that's Don's office. He's not here at

the moment,. And this is your desk.  Telephone.

PC. In-tray. Let me take your coat.

[He's not here at the moment, 他现在不在这里

In-tray 收文篮]


JENNY WOSS Over here is the stationery cupboard.

Papers.  Files.  Pencils,  etc.  Help yourself to what you

need.   Here is the photocopier.   And here is the fax

machine.  And this is the coffee machine.  Would you

like a cup of coffee?

[Over here is the stationery cupboard 这是文具橱

etc.   et cetera

Help yourself 自己动手吧]

EDWARD GREEN No, thanks.

JENNY ROSS Kate,  this is Edward Green.  He's our

new Marketing Executive.

[Marketing Executive 市场经理或总管]

 KATE McKENNA Ah, yes.  Edward.  Hello.  Welcome

to Bibury Systems Marketing Department.

 KATE McKENNA Excuse me.  Hello,  Kate McKenna.

EDWARD GREEN What is Kate's job?

JENNY ROSS She is Head of Sales.  She's good.

EDWARD GREEN Where does she fit into the

company structure?


JENNY ROSS Here' s the company structure.

You see Don is Sales and Marketing Director and is on the Board. Kate reports to Don. You are here and you report to Don.

[the company structure 公司结构图]

JENNY ROSS This is the boardroom.  And here we have a range of products.   Our toys. Come on,  let' s go to the R &  D workshop.

[boardroom 董事室]

EDWARD GREEN I'm sorry.  R& D?

JENNY ROSS   That's Research and Development.

[Research and Development 研究开发部]


GERALDINE . . .Thank you for calling. . . Goodbye.

[Thank you for calling 谢谢你打(电话)过来

thank sb. for doing sth]

JENNY ROSS The Managing Director' s office is on the

first floor. Clive Harris.  We call him Clive.  Ah,  this

is Clive's secretary, Sally.

[The Managing Director' s office  总经理办公室]


JENNY ROSS And you have met Geraldine,  our


[receptionist 接待员]

GERALDINE Hi. JENNY ROSS   So,  this is the Research and

Development Department.  This is Bob and that's

Pete.  They are Research Assistants.

And through here is Derek Jones' office.  He has a

team of six people.  Derek,  this is Edward Green.

He's our new . . .

[Assistants 助理]


JENNY ROSS Oh,  you're busy.   Sorry.

DEREK JONES No.  Please wait.  There.  Finished.

Good.  Do you like it?

EDWARD GREEN Errr.  What is it ?

DEREK JONES It's a toy.  It's a new electronic toy. ]

[electronic 电子的  electric 电的,电气的]

EDWARD GREEN It' s very good. Edward Green.

Pleased to meet you.

DEREK JONES Derek Jones.  Welcome to Bibury



DON BRADLEY Edward Green starts today.  He's   the

new Marketing Executive.

CLIVE HARRIS Oh yes.  Is he good?

DON BRADLEY I don't know.  He's young.  He' s

intelligent. He is well-qualified,  but of course he has

no experience.

[intelligent 聪明的,有智慧的

well-qualified  素质高的]

DEREK JONES So,  that's the existing product range.

This is a very new product.  In fact,  this is a


[product range  产品范围

prototype  模型,样品]

EDWARD GREEN What is it?

DEREK JONES It' s called Big Boss.

 EDWARD GREEN Big Boss? What does it do?

DEREK JONES Ahah!  Look:  Say "Hello,  Big Boss. "

EDWARD GREEN Hello,  Big Boss.

DEREK JONES No,  no.  Into the microphone.

[microphone 麦克风]

EDWARD GREEN   Hello,  Big Boss.

DEREK JONES Try again.

EDWARD GREEN Hello,  Big Boss.

BIG BOSS Hi.  Edward.  Welcome to Bibury Systems.

CLIVE HARRIS What do you think,  Don?

DON BRADLEY I don't like this design.

[design 设计]

CLIVE HARRIS I agree.  It' s not good.  I like this one.

He looks angry.

DON BRADLEY Yes,  I think it is very funny.

[funny 有趣]

DEREK JONES What do you think?

EDWARD GREEN What about glasses?

[glasses 眼镜]

DEREK JONES That is very good.

DEREK JONES Good idea!  Brilliant!

[Good idea 好主意]





EDWARD GREEN Hello, my name is Edward Green. I

   would like to speak to Mr. Smith, please.

SMITH'S SECRETARY I am sorry, but Mr. Smith

   isn' t available.

[isn' t available 不在

available可用到的, 可利用的, 有用的, 有空的, 接受探访的]

EDWARD GREEN Okay. I' 11 ring back. Does Mr.

   Smith have a direct line?

[ring back 打(电话)回来

direct line 直拨线]

SMITH'S SECRETARY I'm sorry but the number is


[confidential 保密]

EDWARD GREEN Okay. Thank you.

JENNY ROSS It's very difficult to speak to Mr. Smith.

DON BRADLEY Good morning. Can I talk to Phil,


DAVE Can I ask who's calling please?

DON BRADLEY Don Bradley from Bibury Systems.

DAVE Well, Mr. Bradley, I' m afraid Phil's not in the

    office at the moment. Can I take a message or would

you like to ring him on his mobile phone?

[mobile phone  移动电话

take a message 留口讯]

DON BRADLEY I' 11 try his mobile. Can I have the

    number please?

DAVE 0802 54377

DON BRADLEY Just let me check that. Zero eight zero

            two five four three double seven.

DAVE That's it.


PHIL WATSON Hello. Phil Watson.

DON BRADLEY Hello. Phil, this is Don Bradley.

PHIL WATSON Hello, Don. Sorry to keep you waiting.

How are you?

[keep you waiting 让你久等了 keep sb doing sth 使某人(持续)做某事]

DON BRADLEY I'm fine, thanks. Can we meet? We

    have a new product and I want you to see it.

SMITH'S SECRETARY Hello. Mr. Smith's office.

EDWARD GREEN Hello, my name is Edward Green

    from Bibury Systems. I rang earlier. I would like to

    speak to Mr. Smith, please.

SMITH'S SECRETARY I'm afraid Mr. Smith is not in

the office at the moment. Can I ask what it is about?

[Can I ask what it is about? 有什么事吗?]

EDWARD GREEN It is very important. I represent

    Bibury Systems. We' ve got a new product and I want

Mr. Smith to see it.

[represent 代表]

SMITH'S SECRETARY Please send the product

specifications by mail, Mr. Green.

[specification 规格]

EDWARD GREEN I would like Mr. Smith to see the

    product and would like to talk to Mr. Smith direct.

When is a good time to call?

[a good time 合适的时候]

SMITH'S SECRETARY You could try ringing this


EDWARD GREEN Thank you. Goodbye.


CALLER Can I speak to Peter?


CALLER No. Peter Toyama.

DEREK JONES There is no one here called Peter


CALLER Is that extension 367?

[extension 分机

telephone exchange/switchboard 总机]

DEREK JONES No, you've got the wrong number. This

    is 412.

CALLER I'm sorry. Could you put me back to the


[switchboard 总机,配线板]

DEREK JONES Yes, hang on.

EDWARD GREEN Hello, this is Edward Green. I rang

    earlier. I would like to speak to Mr. Smith, please.

SMITH'S SECRETARY I' m afraid that Mr. Smith is in

    a meeting.

EDWARD GREEN Is he free later this afternoon?

SMITH'S SECRETARY I don't think so. Mr. Smith is

    very busy at the moment.

EDWARD GREEN I' 11 ring again tomorrow.

SMITH'S SECRETARY I am afraid Mr. Smith isn't in

    the office tomorrow.

CLIVE HARRIS Clive Harris.

KATE McKENNA Clive, it' s Kate.


KATE McKENNA Are you busy?


KATE McKENNA I' ve got the sales report and I have

    all the figures ready for the presentation to Mr. Sakai.

Do you want to see them?

[figure 图案,数字

presentation 陈诉]

GERALDINE Good morning, Bibury Systems. How can I

    help you?

MR. SAKAI Hello. My name is Sakai. I would like to

    speak to Mr. Harris, please.

GERALDINE Please hold the line, Mr Sakai. I' 11 put

you through.

[hold the line 别挂

put you through 为你接通]


GERALDINE Mr. Sakai is on the line.

CLIVE HARRIS Put him through ... Sorry Kate, I must

    go. I have a very important call. I' 11 talk to you later.

    Hello, Mr. Sakai.

MR. SAKAI Hello, Mr.  Harris, how are you?

CLIVE HARRIS I'm very well, thank you. How are you

JENNY ROSS Good night, Edward.

EDWARD GREEN Good night. I am going to phone Mr.

   Smith' s number once again.

JENNY ROSS Good luck!

EDWARD GREEN It's six o' clock ... Maybe

   Mr. Smith is still at work. Maybe his secretary isn't


JENNY ROSS I don't think ...

EDWARD GREEN Just wait ... Ah Mr. Smith? My

   name is Edward Green.


EDWARD GREEN You don' t know me but I work in

   Don Bradley's office at Bibury Systems.


EDWARD GREEN I spoke to your secretary today.


EDWARD GREEN You publish your catalogue this month.

   And we have an exciting new product.

MR. SMITH I have all the products I need.

EDWARD GREEN I would like you to have a word with

   Big Boss.

MR. SMITH I' m sorry?

EDWARD GREEN I' 11 put our new product on the line


BIG BOSS Hello, Mr. Smith. My name is Big Boss. I am

   eighteen inches high! I am voice-activated and I want to

   be in your catalogue.

[voice-activated 声控的]

                      PROGRAMME 3

                  MAKING APPOINTMENTS


EDWARD GREEN So, Mr. Smith, when can we meet?

MR. SMITH I' m busy all next week.

EDWARD GREEN Maybe the week after?

[the week after 再下个星期]

MR. SMITH Talk to my secretary.

EDWARD GREEN You print your catalogue this month,

   don' t you?

CLIVE HARRIS Jenny, could you ring up Mr. Sakai's

   office in Japan? We need to set up a meeting.

   Not this week .,. but the meeting must be before

   November 3rd.

   I'd like Kate, Don Bradley and Derek to be there.

[set up 启动,召开]

CLIVE HARRIS Clive Harris.

DEREK JONES Clive, it's Derek.

CLIVE HARRIS Hello, Derek. What can I do for you ?

DEREK JONES Could you come down to the

   development workshop for a second?

[come down 来到

development workshop 开发车间]

CLIVE HARRIS Derek, I' m busy.

DEREK JONES Come on. It'll take ten minutes.

CLIVE HARRIS Alright I've got five minutes. I'm

   seeing Kate McKenna at eleven.

[I'm seeing 现在进行时表将来时的意思]

JENNY ROSS Hello, could I speak to Mr. Sakai's

   secretary ... This is Jenny from Bibury Systems in the

   UK. Mr. Harris would like to arrange a meeting with

   Mr. Sakai. I wonder if you could check Mr. Sakai' s

   European itinerary.

[would like to 想要

arrange 安排

I wonder if 我想,是否

itinerary 行程,安排]

GERALDINE Yes ... yes ... yes . .. I will make sure he

   gets the message ... Alright . . . goodbye.

   Ah, Mr Hah, is, I' ve just had a call from Mr. Peter' s

   secretary. I' m afraid he's going to be fifteen minutes

   late for his appointment this afternoon.

[he's going to be fifteen minutes late 他将会迟到15分钟]

CLIVE HARRIS Okay. That's no problem.

GERALDINE Good morning, Bibury Systems.

GERALDINE Well, Mr. Green can see you at eleven

   o' clock on Monday. Is that alright?

   No, I' m sorry, on Tuesday he has a meeting in the

   morning. Is the afternoon possible?

   Alright. Thank you.

[Is the afternoon possible? 下午行吗?]

GERALDINE Hello, Bibury Systems.

DEREK JONES What do you think?

CLIVE HARRIS We' 11 miss the launch date.

[miss 错过

the launch date 投放市场的日期]

DEREK JONES No, it' ll be on schedule.

CLIVE HARRIS February. 15th?

DEREK JONES It will be ready for February 15th.

CLIVE HARRIS We must meet the deadline.

[deadline 最终期限]

JENNY ROSS Kate! Have you got a minute?

[Have you got a minute? 你有空吗?]

KATE McKENNA What's wrong, Jenny?

JENNY ROSS I have a problem. I am trying to arrange

   the meeting with Mr. Sakai. He is in the UK for these

   three days. The first, the second and the third of

   November, but he is only available on the first and the

   second ... that' s the Monday and the Tuesday. Clive

   Harris is in Scotland on the Tuesday and Don can't

   make Monday morning . . . and you and Derek are both

   in meetings on Monday afternoon. What am I to do?

[The first, the second and the third of November 十一月的头三天

available 有空的

What am I to do? 我该怎么办? Be to do 有时表达将来时的意思]

KATE McKENNA Set up an evening meeting?

JENNY ROSS No, Mr. Sakai's secretary says he has

   dinner engagements on the second and the third.

[engagement 约会]

KATE McKENNA Monday evening?

JENNY ROSS   Mr. Sakai arrives at the airport at nine

   o' clock on Monday morning and it' s a nine hour flight.

   Monday evening is not a good time for the meeting.

   He' 11 be jet lagged.

[jet lagged 因时差不适而出现的综合症]

KATE McKENNA Then Derek and I will have to change

   our arrangements. May 1 see my diary?

   Change our ten o' clock meeting with Mr. Clark. Make

   it at half past eight on the 4th.

[diary 日记]

JENNY ROSS You' re giving a dinner party on the 4th.

KATE McKENNA Eight-thirty a. m., not eight-thirty


JENNY ROSS That's going to be a long day.

EDWARD GREEN Good Morning!

JENNY ROSS Hi, Edward. How' s it going?

[How' s it going? 进行的怎么样了?]

EDWARD GREEN It' s going very well!

KATE McKENNA You look very happy.

EDWARD GREEN I am happy. I met Mr. Smith this

   morning at eight-thirty.

KATE McKENNA That's very good. And?

EDWARD GREEN Mr. Smith liked Big Boss.


EDWARD GREEN But he didn't like the name.


EDWARD GREEN He says Big Boss isn't a good

   name. He wants to call it Tycoon Tim. But he thinks

   Big Boss will sell.

KATE McKENNA  Well done! It' s your first marketing


[Well done 干的好]


                PROGRAMME 4



KATE McKENNA You know Mr. Sakai is coming at ten

   o' clock, don' t you, Jenny?

JENNY ROSS Yes, I do. It's an important meeting,

    isn't it?

KATE McKENNA And the slides are ready, aren't


[slide 幻灯片]

JENNY ROSS Yes, they are.

KATE McKENNA And you have checked the monitor,

   haven' t you?

[monitor 显示器]

JENNY ROSS Yes, Kate, I have.

KATE McKENNA Sorry, Jenny, it really is very


DON BRADLEY Good morning!

JENNY ROSS Hello, Don.

DON BRADLEY Is everything ready for the big day?

[the big day 重要的一天]

JENNY ROSS I think so.

KATE McKENNA Don, I' m worried about the last part

   of the presentation. Can we talk?

MR. SAKAI Thank you very much for collecting me:

[collect 接(某人)]

CLIVE HARRIS It' s a pleasure. Don' t mention it .

[Don' t mention it 甭提了]

CLIVE HARRIS Is your hotel okay?

MR. SAKAI Yes, thanks. It's fine.

CLIVE HARRIS It is good of you to visit us. Thank you

   for sparing the time. I know you have a busy itinerary.

[It is good of you=it is very kind of you

sparing the time 花时间]

MR. SAKAI It's a pleasure, Mr. Harris. I enjoy coming

   to Britain. And I am looking forward to my visit to

   Bibury Systems.

[I am looking forward to 我希望…]

CLIVE HARRIS It' s kind of you to say so. We' 11 do our

   best to make your visit worthwhile.

[worthwhile 值得花时间的]

DON BRADLEY You' re seeing Phil Watson at twelve

   o' clock about the display unit design. Do you under-

   stand the problem?

EDWARD GREEN No, I don' t.

DON BRADLEY These are the rough designs. Choosing

   the right colour is very important.

[rough 粗糙的]

EDWARD GREEN Sorry, could you explain what you


DON BRADLEY Well, we need different colours.

EDWARD GREEN Ah, do you mean stronger colours?

[stronger colours 更深的颜色]

DON BRADLEY Yes, I do. This display unit must make

   an impact. It's very important. It must look right for

  the launch. It must look exciting.

[impact 影响,效果]

EDWARD GREEN I understand.

DON BRADLEY Well, make sure that Phil understands.

   Also these pictures of Big Boss need to be bigger...

CLIVE HARRIS So, we aren’t a very big company...

   but I think we are very efficient.

[efficient 有效率的,能干的]

MR. SAKAI How many people do you employ?

[employ 雇佣]

CLIVE HARRIS About seven hundred full-time. But we

   take on casual staff when we need them.

   Would you like some more coffee, Mr. Sakai?

[casual staff 临时雇员

full-time 全职的]

MR. SAKAI No, thank you. And, please, call me Kate.

CLIVE HARRIS And you must call me Clive. So, shall

   we have a look around?

MR. SAKAI That would be very nice.

CLIVE HARRIS Then perhaps we could have some

   lunch. And then after lunch some of my senior

   managers will make a presentation to you. Would you

   like to leave your coat and briefcase here?

[senior managers 高级经理

briefcase 公文包]

MR. SAKAI Thank you.

CLIVE HARRIS And this is our Sales and Marketing

   Department. I don't think you have met Kate

   McKenna. She is Head of Sales.

KATE McKENNA How do you do?

MR. SAKAI Kazo Sakai, let me give you my card.

[card 名片]

KATE McKENNA Thank you.

CLIVE HARRIS And this is Don Bradley.

DON BRADLEY Hello, Mr. Sakai. We have spoken on

   the phone.

MR. SAKAI Hello, Mr.  Bradley. You are American.

   And what part of America are you from?

DON BRADLEY Los Angeles. But I have lived in the

   UK for five years. I like . ..

MR. SAKAI Ah. I have visited ... I'm sorry.

DON BRADLEY No, after you.

MR. SAKAI I have been to Los Angeles two or three

   times. It' s an interesting city. Well, I hope we have a

   chance to talk again.

CLIVE HARRIS Yes, you' 11 be seeing Don at the

   presentation this afternoon.

MR. SAKAI I look forward to that.





PHIL WATSON Phil Watson. Good to meet you. Have

   you been waiting long?

EDWARD GREEN Not really.

PHIL WATSON Sorry, I was delayed. Shall we get

   straight down to business?

[delayed 耽搁了,迟到了

straight down 直接]


PHIL WATSON Follow me.

CLIVE HARRIS Derek, let are introduce you to Mr.

   Sakai from Detmore Systems. Mr. Sakai, can I present

   Derek Jones? Derek is our Development Manager.

DEREK JONES It's very nice to meet you, Mr. Sakai.

MR. SAKAI Hello, Mr. Jones. I'm sorry to interrupt

   your work.

[interrupt 打断]

DEREK JONES Not at all - I like meeting visitors.

   Yon' re very welcome. Please make yourself at home.

MR. SAKAI So this is the development workshop?

DEREK JONES Most of our products start here and this

   is our latest product, Big Boss.

[latest 最新的]

MR. SAKAI Ah, yes.

CLIVE HARRIS Yes, we think Big Boss will be very


MR. SAKAI And what does he do?


BIG BOSS (IN JAPANESE) Hello,  Mr. Sakai.

   Welcome to Bibury Systems.

MR. SAKAI Ah, he speaks Japanese.

DEREK JONES He also listens. And by changing the

  chip he understands and speaks any language.

[chip 芯片]

BIG BOSS How are you fixed for lunch?

[fixed for 安排]

MR. SAKAI Thank you, but I have another engagement.

BIG BOSS Okay, another time, maybe.

PHIL WATSON So, you say you want stronger colours.

  What about this?

EDWARD GREEN I'm not sure about this one, are



EDWARD GREEN Could we have these two colours?

PHIL WATSON Yes, but those two colours together?


CLIVE HARRIS So, what kind of food do you like?

  Italian? Or there is a very good French restaurant close

  to the office.

MR. SAKAI Whatever you recommend. I like eating all

  kinds of food.

CLIVE HARRIS Then let's go to the French restaurant.

  Geraldine, please confirm lunch for two at Rene's and

cancel the other reservations.


cancel 取消]

GERALDINE Okay, Mr. Harris.

    Hello. I'm calling from Bibury Systems. I'd like to

    confirm our reservation for two people at 12.30 please.

    The name is Harris.

    Thanks a lot. Goodbye.

CLIVE HARRIS By the way, are you free this evening?

MR. SAKAI Yes, I am.

CLIVE HARRIS My wife and I are going to the theatre

    this evening. Would you like to join us?

MR. SAKAI That' s very kind, but no thank you. I love

    going to the theatre, but travelling makes me very

    tired. Tonight I must sleep.

CLIVE HARRIS Geraldine, we'll be back for 1.45.

MR. SAKAI I must tell you Clive, Big Boss made me


                          PROGRAMME 5




DON BRADLEY Let' s have a run through, We must get

    this right. First we have the introductions and the

    agenda. Second I talk about the background. Company

    growth,staffing levels, return on investment, turnover,

    and pre-tax profit. Third Derek, you talk about the

    product range. At this stage of the presentation we want

    to present a broad company profile. Don't give too

much detail about specific products.

[have a run through 浏览,预演

agenda 议程

staffing 安置职工

turnover 资本周转

pre-tax 税前

detail 细节

specific 专门的,特别的]

DEREK JONES Okay Don. I'll describe the range and

    say which products are successful.

DON BRADLEY Good. Mr. Sakai may want to discuss

    certain products so be ready for that. At the end Of this

    section of the presentation I will ask Mr. Sakai if he

    has any questions. We won't discuss research and

    development at this stage. That will come at the end.

    Then Kate, you talk about major markets and sales

strategy. Is everything ready?

[certain 某个特定的

major market 主要市场]

KATE McKENNA Eyerything is ready. And rehearsed.

[rehearse 排练,试演]

PHIL WATSON Right; the product title goes here ...

    Just remind me, is the product called Big'Boss or The

    Big Boss?                  


PHIL WATSON Okay. These letters?. Or these black


EDWARD GREEN No, I don't like those letters.

PHIL WATSON Okay. These?

EDWARD GREEN Can they be larger?

PHIL WATSON Yes. Like this. It looks good like that.

EDWARD GREEN Excellent. It's very clear, It's easy

to read. That's what I want.

[clear 清楚]

DON BRADLEY Again, welcome to Bibury Systems.

    We' re very honoured to have the opportunity of making

    this presentation to you, Mr. Sakai. In the next hour

    and a half, we hope to show that: 1. Bibury Systems has

    the right product range for today' s market place, and

    ambitious plans for the future. 2. That our market share

    in Europe is,growing at a steady rate. 3. That our

    marketing strategy in the US is very successful. And

    lastly, 4. That we can be a major player in Far Eastern

    markets. And we are sure that we can be a major

    player in these markets. If you have any questions,

    please feel free to interrupt at any time. But first of

    all, some background information on Bibury Systems.

    As you know, the company was started over forty years

    ago by Mr. Harris Senior. In those early days, the

company's core business was model railways and cars.

[ be honoured 有幸的

opportunity 机会

ambitious 有信心的

steady rate 稳定的速度

strategy 策略

major 主要的

Far Eastern 远东的

Interrupt 打断

Core 核心

Model 模型]

PHIL WATSON And here we have some copy that tells

    us what the product can do.

EDWARD GREEN  "Some toys talk, some toys listen.

    But Big Boss talks and listens to you."

PHIL WATSON And here, and here are the pictures.

    They show Big Boss with the accessories. What do you


[accessory 附件]

EDWARD GREEN The pictures are okay, but I don't

    like the copy.


EDWARD GREEN It's not exciting. It doesn't sell the


PHIL WATSON  "Some toys talk, some toys listen. Big

    Boss talks and listens to you."

EDWARD GREEN It' s not the way you say the words,

    it's the words themselves. They' re not right.

PHIL WATSON  "Some toys talk, some toys listen ...

EDWARD GREEN No! No! I want new words. Words

    that give Big Boss status. Words that make him


[status 身份,地位]

DEREK JONES Let's move from the general to the

    specific. I' m going to talk about two of our products.

    Friendly Fish and Mad Monkey are two products that

use the same mechanism. It is a simple mechanism

   But this diagram here shows how well the mechanism

   works with the design of the product. For instance,

   take a look . ..

[from the general to the  specific 从一般到特殊

mechanism 机械装置

diagram 图表

For instance 例如…]

EDWARD GREEN I don't like the slogan.

[slogan 口号,标语]

PHIL WATSON No. It's not right.

EDWARD GREEN  "Every office needs a new boss".

   It' s just not right. Any ideas?

PHIL WATSON  "Some bosses are big; some bosses are

   small ... Big Boss is the best!"


KATE McKENNA ... So this slide here shows a total net

   income from the previous year. The blue line represents

   income from those products in the low volume niche

   market category. The red line represents products in the

   high volume, low margin category.

[net income 纯收入

low volume 低销售量

niche 特殊领域

high volume 高销售量

low margin 低利润]

MR. SAKAI Excuse me, what does the dotted line


[dotted line 虚线]

KATE McKENNA I'm sorry, this dotted line represents

   income from accessories and add ons.

[add ons 添加部分]

MR. SAKAI Thank you. And why the sharp decrease in


[sharp decrease 明显的减少]

KATE McKENNA This is a combination of two things:

   First, seasonal factors, and second the end of the

   product life cycle.

[combination 联合

factor 因素

life cycle 生命周期]

PHIL WATSON Okay. So it's not right. We'll get

   you some alternatives tomorrow or the day after.

[alternative 选择]

EDWARD GREEN No. I think I' ve got it.  "The one

   boss your office needs".

PHIL WATSON  "The one boss your office needs".

   That's good. That's the slogan.

MR. SAKAI Thank you for your very interesting

   presentation. I would like to tell you one or two things

   about our operation. As you know, we specialise in

   electronic games. We have a very large market share in

   the Far East. We manufacture computerised games for

   young children. Some games are for adults. This game

   for example is the number one best seller in Japan. The

   office workers love it. We know the market responds

   well to any kind of hi-tech executive toy. Big Boss can

   succeed in the same market. But there is one question

   I would like to ask. Is it possible to launch Big Boss

   before January 28th?

[operation. 运作

specialise in 专攻

computerised game 计算机游戏

respond 反应

hi-tech 高技术]

DON BRADLEY January 28th?

                    PROGRAMME 6



KATE McKENNA January 28th! We can't make that


[deadline 最后期限]

DON BRADLEY Yes, we can. It's difficult but it's


KATE McKENNA I don't know. We' re launching The

   Mad Monkey on January 26th.

DON BRADLEY We can re-schedule the launch of Mad

   Monkey, can't we? . , ]

KATE MeKENNA I' 11 have to talk to the distributors as

   soon as possible.

[distributors 经销商,批发商]

DON BRADLEY When can you go and see them?

KATE McKENNA I' 11 have to take the first flight I can.

[the first flight 首班飞机]

MR. SAKAI The presentation was very interesting.


MR. SAKAI There are exciting possibilities for both our


CLIVE HARRIS Yes, I think so.

   We have a lot to discuss, don' t we?

MR. SAKAI Yes, we do. I would like to stay: an extra ,day

   if that is possible.

[extra 额外的]

CLIVE HARRIS I would be delighted. We can arrange

   everything. What is your itinerary?

[delighted 欣喜,高兴

itinerary 路线,行程安排]

MR. SAKAI I am scheduled to fly to Frankfurt tomorrow

   morning at seven. Would it be possible to find out if

   there is an afternoon flight?

[scheduled 预定,计划]

CLIVE HARRIS Of course. I' 11 do that now.

CLIVE HARRIS Jenny, we need to check flights to

   Frankfurt for Sakai-san...

PHIL WATSON So that's excellent. We agree on the

   design.  I think those colours will work well together

   and the lettering looks good.

[design 设计

lettering 字体]

EDWARD GREEN I think Don will be very happy with

   this but I' 11 confirm by fax tomorrow morning.

[confirm 确定]

PHIL WATSON And when is your deadline?

EDWARD GREEN Everything must be ready for the

   launch on February 15th.

PHIL WATSON No problem.

EDWARD GREEN Do you mind if I use your phone to

   order a taxi?

PHIL WATSON I' 11 do it for you.

   Hello. Could you send a taxi, please? Yes, to go from

   RUYJ Advertising, 37 Chelsea Street, to... What' s

    the address?

EDWARD GREEN Barlow House, Canary Wharf.

PHIL WATSON To Barlow House, Canary Wharf ...

    as soon as possible, please.

JENNY ROSS (ON PHONE) Good afternoon. I have an

    enquiry about flights to Frankfurt. Are there any flights

    tomorrow afternoon?

    One passenger travelling business class.

    What time does the flight leave?

    And what is the check in time please?

    Yes, I' 11 hold.

[enquiry 询问

travelling business class 旅行商务仓

check in 登机前换票]

EDWARD GREEN Hello Don. You look busy.

DON BRADLEY Hi Edward. How did you get on with

    RUYJ Advertising?

EDWARD GREEN Fine. They complete the artwork next

    week and they deliver the packaging and display

    materials on February 1st.

[packaging 包装

display 展示]


EDWARD GREEN What have I done wrong?

DON BRADLEY We have a problem.

JENNY ROSS Is there an earlier flight? . .. No, I really

    want a direct flight... Okay, I' 11 hang on.

[direct flight 直达班机]

KATE McKENNA Sorry Jenny. Could you find out the

    times of flights to Atlanta and reserve me a seat?

    Business class. Non smoking. Returning the day after

    tomorrow. Thanks. I'm going home to pack a bag. I'll

    phone you in half an hour.

[reserve 预定]

CLIVE HARRIS Have you stayed in Frankfurt before?

MR. SAKAI Oh yes, many times.

JENNY ROSS Clive . . . Sakai-san. Can I just have a


MR. SAKAI Of course.

JENNY ROSS It's about your travel plans.

MR. SAKAI Ah, thank you.

JENNY ROSS We have arranged everything for you. You

    leave London at 14.55 tomorrow.

    Latest check in time is 13.55 at Terminal Two. You

    have been upgraded to First Class at no extra charge.

[Terminal 检票处

upgrade 提升]

MR. SAKAI That is very kind. Do you know what time I

    arrive in Frankfurt?

JENNY ROSS You arrive at Frankfurt at 17.30 local time

    and we have also arranged for a car to take you to your

    seven o' clock meeting. Your flight back to Japan is on

    Saturday at twenty twenty with a stop over in Dubai at

     the airline's expense. You need to re-confirm that leg

    of your journey forty-eight hours before you travel.

[local time 当地时间

stop over 中途下车

expense 开支,花费

leg 行程]

MR. SAKAI Thank you very much, Jenny.

JENNY ROSS My pleasure, Sakai-san.

MR. SAKAI I hope to return your hospitality when you

    come to Japan next month.

[hospitality 好客,盛情]



DON BRADLEY Can I ask you a quick question?

DEREK JONES Fire away.

[Fire away 开始, 开始(讲话)]

DON BRADLEY Can you make this January 28th


DEREK JONES Who knows? It's difficult to say because

    there is a lot of work to do.

DON BRADLEY Well, it' s getting late. I' m going

    home. We'll talk tomorrow. See you in the morning.

DEREK JONES Good night.

CAR HIRE CLERK The courtesy bus outside will take

    you to your car. You' 11 have a nice day now.

    How can I help you?

[courtesy 免费的]

KATE McKENNA I'd like to hire a car.

CAR HIRE CLERK For how long?

KATE McKENNA Just for twenty-four hours.

CAR HIRE CLERK Which category of car would you

    like, ma' am? 

[category 类别]                                

KATE McKENNA I’d like the standard four door saloon.

[saloon 轿车]

CAR HIRE CLERK That' s fine. That price includes full

 collision waiver and unlimited mileage. How are you

     paying? :

[collision 碰撞

waiver 弃权

unlimited 无限

mileage 英里]

KATE McKENNA I have a corporate charge card.

[corporate 公司的

charge card 收费卡]

CAR HIRE CLERK That' s fine, and may I see your

    driver' s license, please?

[license 执照]

BIG BOSS I want to be on the market by January 28th.

                    PROGRAMME 7

                STAYING AT A HOTEL


HOTEL RECEPTIONIST Good evening, madam.

 KATE McKENNA Good evening. I have a reservation.

    The name is McKenna. A room for one night.

[reservation 预定]

 HOTEL RECEPTIONIST I' 11 just check,

 HOTEL RECEPTIONIST I' m sorry but there' s nothing

     here under that name.

 KATE McKENNA Ah, perhaps it' s under the company

              name. Bibury Systems.    

 HOTEL RECEPTIONIST I' ll just be a second.

[I' ll just be a second 请您稍等一会儿]

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST I' m sorry there' s nothing

   down here under that name.

KATE McKENNA Oh, dear. Is it possible to book a

   room for one night, please?

[book 预定]

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST I' m afraid we only have a


[suite 套间]

KATE McKENNA How much is that?

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST That' s two hundred and eighty,

    dollars including breakfast and sales tax.

[tax ]

KATE McKENNA I'll take it.

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST How will you be paying,


KATE McKENNA Credit card.

[Credit card 信用卡]

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST That would be fine, thank

    yon. Could you just complete this form, please? It' s

    your home address, the registration number of your car if

    you have one and just put your signature down here.

[registration 登记

signature 签名]

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST It' s the Tower Suite and it' s

   on the twenty-third floor. Would you like to order a


KATE McKENNA Yes, please. The Herald Tribune.

[The Herald Tribune 先驱论坛]

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST I' 11 have the bell hop see to

    your bags.

[bell hop 旅馆服务员]

KATE McKENNA No, thank you. I only have one bag.


KATE McKENNA Sorry, what time do you start serving


HOTEL RECEPTIONIST Dinner is served from seven

    o' clock till ten thirty. The dining room is down there,

    through the door on the left.

[is served 供应]

KATE McKENNA Thank you.

GEORGE PEARSON It' s good of you to see me.

MR. SAKAI Not at all. I have heard a lot about your


 GEORGE PEARSON Good things, I hope.

MR. SAKAI Oh, yes.

 GEORGE PEARSON As you know J. K. Toys has a strong

    presence in Europe...

 MR. SAKAI Yes, I saw your sales figures for last year.

     They are very impressive.

[impressive. 令人印象深刻]

 (JENNY ROSS) Thank you for calling the Marketing

     Department of Bibury Systems. I' m afraid our office is

     closed until nine o' clock tomorrow morning. Please

     leave your name, your telephone number, the time of

     your call, and your message after the tone.

[tone 嘟的一声]

KATE McKENNA Hi, this is Kate. Its seven thirty on

   Thursday evening. I'm at the Tower Hotel. Jenny, as

   soon as you get in could you fax me a copy of the

   contract we are offering to David Toys? Talk to you

   tomorrow. Bye.

[contract 合同]

WALTER Good evening ma' am. Do you have a


KATE McKENNA Do I need one?

WALTER No, well that will be okay, I guess. Would you

   like smoking or non-smoking?

KATE McKENNA Non-smoking please.

WALTER Would you care to follow me?

WAITER I' m Gregory, ma' am, and I' m your waiter

   this evening.  Can I get you your drink while you are

   making your selection?

KATE McKENNA No, I' 11 order right away. Something

   light, I think. What' s in your Presidential Chicken?

WALTER Our Presidential Chicken, was specially

   created for Ex-President Gerald Ford. It is strips of

   farm fresh baby pullet lightly steamed and served on a

   bed of leeks garnished with snow peas, What goes,

   really nice with it, we think, is a fluffy baked Idaho

   potato with just a tad of sour cream or yoghurt, if you


[Ex-President 前总统

strip 细长片

pullet 小母鸡

steamed 蒸的

leek 韭菜

garnish 装饰

pea 豌豆

fluffy 轻软


Idaho 爱达华州

tad 少量

sour 酸的

cream 奶油

yoghurt 酸奶]

KATE McKENNA Just rice, I think.

WAITER Would that be white rice, brown rice, wild

   rice, brown and wild rice mixed or Four Seasons


KATE McKENNA Plain, boiled, white rice.

WAITER Plain boiled white rice. And for your beverage,

   ma' am? We have a nice California Chardonnay ...

[Chardonnay 夏敦艾酒]

KATE McKENNA No, I' 11 have a mineral water.

[mineral water 矿泉水]

WALTER Carbonated or non-carbonated?

[Carbonated 充了碳酸气的]

KATE McKENNA Carbonated. And the fresh tomato

   soup to start.

GEORGE PEARSON I know that you are interested in

   Bibury Systems ...

MR. SAKAI News travels fast in the toy industry.

GEORGE PEARSON We heard that you' re interested in

   a new product that Bibury Systems are launching...

MR. SAKAI I am interested in any innovative product,

   Mr. Pearson.

[innovative 革新的]

GEORGE PEARSON That's why I would like to talk to

   you. I don't know how much you've heard about

   recent development at J. K. Toys. But we have some

    ideas that I think you will find very interesting . . .

HOTEL WAITER More coffee?

KATE McKENNA No, thanks. Could I have the bill,

    please? '

HOTEL WAITER The check? Sure.

KATE McKENNA And could you charge it to my room?

    I'm in the Tower Suite.



GEORGE PEARSON We know that Big Boss is

    innovative but Dealer Dan also uses very advanced


MR. SAKAI When is the launch,date for Dealer Dan?

GEORGE PEARSON It will be launched before


MR. SAKAI And how much will it cost?

GEORGE PEARSON Dealer Dan will be cheaper than

    Big Boss.

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST The Leisure Centre. Sure.

    Through the double doors, take a right. Down to the

    end and it' s on the left. You can't miss it.

[The Leisure Centre 休闲中心]

KATE McKENNA I'd like to cheek out and is it possible

    to talk to the Manager, please?

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST I' m afraid the Manager's not

    available at the moment. But the Assistant Manager is


ASSISTANT MANAGER How can I help you madam?

KATE McKENNA My secretary made a reservation for

    standard room, but your receptionist says you have no

    record of the booking.

ASSISTANT MANAGER Ms. McKenna from Bibury

    Systems. Just let me check.

ASSISTANT MANAGER I'm terribly sorry. Your

    secretary is right. The fax arrived here yesterday

    afternoon, but for some reason it was not entered into

    the computer system. It is entirely our fault. Samantha,

    please prepare Ms. MCkenna's bill again at the

    standard rate. I am sorry about this confusion. Please

    accept last night' s dinner with our compliments.

[entirely 完全的

standard rate 标准间价格

confusion 混乱

compliments 致意]

                      PROGRAMME 8



EDWARD GREEN Phil, thanks for coming.

PHIL WATSON I' m sorry I' m late.

EDWARD GREEN No problem.

PHIL WATSON The traffic was very bad.

[traffic 交通

bad 很糟]

EDWARD GREEN You have been here before, haven't


PHIL WATSON Once. A very short visit to Don

   Bradley' s office.

EDWARD GREEN Perhaps I could show you around

   after the meeting.

[show around 展示]

PHIL WATSON Yes, please.

EDWARD GREEN I'll give you the guided tour.

[guide 引导]

CLIVE HARRIS Thanks for going to Southford

   Components yesterday.

DON BRADLEY It was no problem.

CLIVE HARRIS I want to keep Derek working on Big

   Boss. So what did you think of the Southford set up?

[So what did you think of the Southford set up? Southford的情况怎样?]

DON BRADLEY This is their sales brochure. They seem

   quite competent.

[brochure 小册子

competent 有能力的]

CLIVE HARRIS Where is it ?

DON BRADLEY It' s just by the freeway near

   intersection eight. It's in a large greenfield site in a

   new development.

[freeway 高速公路

intersection 交叉点

Greenfield 绿地]

CLIVE HARRIS Who did you see there?

DON BRADLEY I had a long meeting with the C. E. O.

   They have excellent robotics and a hi-tech production


[C. E. O. 首席执行官

robotic 机械制作的

hi-tech 高技术的

production line 生产线]

CLIVE HARRIS It looks impressive.

[impressive 令人印象深刻的]

DON BRADLEY These are their R & D laboratories.

   They have a very big budget. They commit five percent

   of their profit to that department. And they' re doing

   some very innovative work in solar energy.

[laboratory 实验室

budget 预算

profit 利润

solar energy 太阳能]

CLIVE HARRIS Okay, so what' s the down side?

[what' s the down side? 不好在哪里呢?]

DON BRADLEY Well, I'm slightly unhappy about a

   couple of things. They are expensive. We could buy in

   components cheaper from another source. And they do

   supply a lot of companies, including one or two of our

   rivals. However they took me out for an excellent


[slightly 一点

source 来源

rival 对手]

CLIVE HARRIS So what do you think?

DON BRADLEY Well, I can see that they're a strong

   option, but I am seeing a couple of other suppliers

   next week.

[option 选择

supplier 供应商]

CLIVE HARRIS Well, let' s wait and see.


EDWARD GREEN Sorry to interrupt but Phil is here

   with the designs.

DON BRADLEY Okay, I'm coming right now.

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST I’m very sorry about Ms. McKenna’s

Booking. It’s my fault. How stupid of me. I didn’t check.

[Booking 预定

fault 错误

stupid ]

ASSISTANT MANAGER Don't worry about it,

   Samantha, but please be careful in the future.

KATE McKENNA Sorry to interrupt, but before I go, I

   would like to speak to someone about conference      


[conference 会议

facility 设备]

ASSISTANT MANAGER Of course. Let me show you

   what we can offer.  How many people are involved?

[involved 有关的]

KATE McKENNA I need to arrange a day's presentation

   to about sixty agents.

[agent 代理商]

ASSISTANT MANAGER Have you time now to look at

   our facilities?

KATE McKENNA I' ve ten minutes. Could we do it

   fairly quickly?

[fairly 相当地]

ASSISTANT MANAGER Of course. You say you need a

   room for sixty people?

KATE McKENNA Yes, that's right.

ASSISTANT MANAGER And it's a presentation, isn't

   it? Here's our main conference room. It has excellent

   projection facilities. We have full

   stereo sound, video,       

   '35 mm slides. You name it, we have it.

[projection facilities 投影设备

slide 幻灯片]

KATE McKENNA How much is this for the day?

ASSISTANT MANAGER We have a standard rate of

   $900 per half day which includes coffee and biscuits.

[biscuit 饼干,小甜点]

KATE McKENNA That's quite expensive.

ASSISTANT MANAGER Perhaps we could work

   Something out. Shall we go back to my office?

PHIL WATSON This is the outline design concept. This

   goes with that and this copy goes on the side of the box

   over here. So, what do you think?

DON BRADLEY What do you think, Edward?

EDWARD GREEN I think the design is very good. But

   not for this product.

DON BRADLEY I agree. I'm sorry Phil but it seems

   rather young for our market.

EDWARD GREEN Yes, it' s very bright. It looks really

   good but Big Boss is a niche product. We are targeting

   the product at the children of well-educated, high

   income, young professionals. And don't forget we

   expect adults to buy Big Boss as well.

[niche 特别的

target 对象

income 收入

professional 职业人员]

GERALDINE I' m sorry, deliveries are through the side

   door. You go out of the building, turn left, and

   there's a door on the right hand side marked deliveries.


GERALDINE Hello, Bibury Systems. Oh, hello,

    Kate ...

CLIVE HARRIS Is that Kate McKenna? I' 11 have a


CLIVE HARRIS Hello, Kate. How's your trip?...

    Good . . . We need you back here as soon as

    possible ... Good luck!

GERALDINE Sorry to disturb you, Derek.

[disturb 打搅]

DEREK Not at all.

EDWARD GREEN Have you met Phil Watson from

    RUYJ Advertising?

DEREK JONES No, I don't think so.

EDWARD GREEN Phil, I'd like to introduce Derek

    Jones our Development Manager.

DEREK JONES Glad to meet you.

EDWARD GREEN This whole area is our development

    workshop. It' s where we work on the ideas for new

    products and toys.

PHIL WATSON Who gives you the ideas?

EDWARD GREEN Most of the ideas come from inside

    the company...

PHIL WATSON Who thought of this?

EDWARD GREEN This product here is being

    manufactured under licence from a company in the

    States. It's not our concept, I'm afraid. But it's

    selling very fast. We have a very flexible position on

    licensing deals.

[licence 执照,许可

flexible 灵活的]

PHIL WATSON This looks beautiful.

EDWARD GREEN Derek, whose idea was this? Did you

    think of this one?

DEREK JONES No, it's quite nice, isn't it? That toy

    started life as a picture from a young girl from a local

    school. She sent it in to us. Ah, here it is.

PHIL WATSON How do you do your market research for

   a new product?

EDWARD GREEN Good question, h depends on the

   product. We have our own research people in-house so

   we do very detailed assessments. But, of course, we

   buy in market research expertise when we look outside

   the UK. Marketing Big Boss is very complicated.

   We' re targeting both adults and children.

[assessment 评估

expertise 专家意见

complicated 复杂的]

PHIL WATSON Nice to meet you, Derek.

DEREK JONES You too. I hope you get the packaging

   designs right. Big Boss deserves the best.

[deserve 应受,值得]


                      PROGRAMME 9



CLIVE HARRIS Can I get you a cup of tea or something

MS WONG No, thanks, I'm fine.

CLIVE HARRIS Please have a seat. Well, Sally, you' v,

   seen the company. Yon' ve seen our products. What do

   you think?

[What do you think? 你认为怎么样?]

MS WONG You have a wide product range, but they' re

   all dependent on the same chip technology. I think we

   maybe able to supply you with some of the necessary

    circuitry . . . but, of course, we need to speak further

   about this.

[chip 芯片

circuitry . 电路]

CLIVE HARRIS Well, thanks for coming in.

MS WONG It has been most interesting.

DEREK JONES This is the latest prototype.

[latest 最新的

prototype 模型,原型]

PHIL WATSON How does it work?

DEREK JONES Say something to the boss.

PHIL WATSON Like what?

DEREK JONES Anything. There's a microphone in

   Boss' s ear, and it will recognise certain commands. It

   records what you say and stores it. When it hears the

   trigger word, it plays it back.

[microphone 麦克风

recognize 识别

certain 确定的, 某几个

record 录制

store 储存

trigger 触发]

PHIL WATSON I'm sorry, could you repeat that? I

   don' t understand what you mean by trigger word.

DEREK JONES Okay, I' 11 try to explain it more simply.

   We can programme the Boss to say something like  "I

   don't want problems, I want solutions". And we do

   that like this: you press his nose and that activates the

   voice card. Then you press the nose again.

[programme 设置程序


activate 激活

voice card 声卡]

PHIL WATSON Why do you do that?

DEREK JONES You do that in order to stop the record-

   ing. Then you select your trigger word.

PHIL WATSON What is that?

DEREK JONES The trigger word makes the Boss speak.

Every time he hears that word, he will say "I don' t

   want problems, I want solutions,

PHIL WATSON So, let me clarify this: each time the

    Boss hears the trigger word, he' 11 repeat the phrase.

[clarify 阐明]

DEREK JONES Exactly. So give bim the trigger.

PHIL WATSON Okay ummm . . . The trigger can be the

    word  "problems".

DEREK JONES Fine. Say it in his ear, then.

PHIL WATSON  "Problems."

DEREK JONES Okay, now say a sentence with the word

     "problems" in it.

PHIL WATSON Excuse me, Big Boss, I'm having some

   problems with the project.

BIG BOSS Problems! I don't want problems. I want


PHIL WATSON Brilliant! How is it powered?

[power 提供能源、动力]

DEREK JONES Aha! You' 11 enjoy this: light energy. It

   won't need new batteries. Both the eyes contain

   photo-sensitive cells which absorb the solar energy.

    These cells then power the motors located here under

    each arm. Now, as everybody knows, when you have this

    kind of configuration there is a . . .

[light energy 光能


contain 包含

cell 元件

motor 马达

configuration 配件]

EDWARD GREEN Sorry, Derek would you mind

    explaining that in another way?

DEREK JONES Sorry. I'll keep it simple. The

    important thing is that this is a major breakthrough.

    All the toys will represent the very latest in technology.

[major 主要的


represent 代表]

PHIL WATSON I can see that. It's very impressive.

EDWARD GREEN Thanks, Derek.

PHIL WATSON Thanks for the demonstration.

[demonstration 示范]

DEREK JONES Anytime  .....

MS WONG Tell me, do these toys work?


MS WONG How old are they?

CLIVE HARRIS Some of them are Victorian. No micro-

    chips in these. All clockwork, but some of them are

    quite ingenious. Look at this one for instance. A young

    violin player.

[Victorian 维多利亚女王时代的

clockwork 发条

ingenious 有独创性的 ]

 MS WONG It' s very beautiful. How does it work?

 CLIVE HARRIS Well, you just wind it up . . . and off he

    goes ... My grandmother played with some of these

    when she was a girl. And, my father collected clockwork


[wind up 上发条]

 MS WONG They are very clever.

 CLIVE HARRIS But not very safe ... Look at the sharp

    edges on this one. Very dangerous and it's covered

    with lead paint.

[sharp 尖锐的

lead 铅的]

 MS WONG Tell me, how does this work?

 GERALDINE I' ve pressed return and nothing happens.

    I' ve tried that.

    How can I get out of the programme?

    Just a second. Could you speak more slowly, please?

    Right. Let me try. Fl and then return. Yes. Then

    press   "escape".

    Oh that' s it. Thanks.

EDWARD GREEN ... Let me show you how products

    are market researched ...

EDWARD GREEN You see all products go through the

    same, basic process. They start as an idea. Every

    month, a management committee looks at all the new

    ideas and they put development money into some of

    them. Let me show you an example. Take this

    product:  "Friendly Fish". The idea came from a

    freelance designer. A Management Committee looked at

    the designs and they liked them.  Follow me. They

    asked the development team how much it would cost to

    manufacture the product, and they asked the Marketing

    Department two questions: 1. Who is the target market

    for Friendly Fish? 2. How big is that market? We then

    know if the idea is worth taking on to the next stage

    which is the feasibility study.

[basic 基本的

process 步骤

committee 委员会

freelance 自由作者

stage 阶段

feasibility 可行性]

PHIL WATSON So what happened with the Friendly


EDWARD GREEN We learned at this stage that it was a

    low cost high volume mass market product. The

    feasibility study indicated that Friendly Fish would sell

    all over Europe. We then invested in more market

    research. We asked a large group of eight year olds

    from different backgrounds about "Friendly Fish".

    We asked them questions like:

    Which material shall we use? Which colours do you

    like? etc. A few of the kids wanted it green and blue.

    17.5% other children wanted it red. But all of them

    wanted Friendly Fish. All of them. They loved

    Friendly Fish.

    We checked each key indicator. Every one of them was

    positive. We made half a million.

[indicate 显示

invest 投资

key 关键的

indicator 指示指标

positive 肯定的]

PHIL WATSON And what are sales like?

EDWARD GREEN Terrible. Sometimes it happens.

    Even with all the market research, you can never be

    one hundred per cent certain.

                         PROGRAMME 10



MR. SMITH Edward, I' m sorry. I' m afraid I' 11 have to

    cancel our meeting tomorrow.

[cancel 取消]

EDWARD GREEN That' s no problem. Shall we post-

    pone it until later in the week?

[postpone 推迟]

 MR. SMITH No, I'm afraid I’m not postponing our

    meeting. I'm cancelling it.

 EDWARD GREEN We need to sign the contract and

     complete the deal, don't we? Is there a problem?

[complete 完成]

 MR. SMITH No, not for me, but perhaps there' s a

    problem for you. I' m afraid Big Boss won' t be in the


[catalogue 目录]

 EDWARD GREEN Are we too late for the printer's


[printer 印刷人]

 MR. SMITH No. That' s not the point. I' m not going to

use Big Boss. I’m going to use another product.

[That' s not the point 不是这个问题]

EDWARD GREEN I don't understand.

MR. SMITH Well, listen. Then you will understand.

    This is a new product from J. K. Toys. It' s called

    Dealer Dan.

DEALER DAN  "Hi, this is Dealer Dan. I'm the best

    thing on the voice-activated toy market."

MR. SMITH Edward, are you still there?


MR. SMITH Good, isn't he?

EDWARD GREEN You say he's called Dealer Dan

MR. SMITH Yes. He arrived yesterday afternoon. The

    head of marketing from J. K. Toys introduced us.

    They' 11 launch him on January 20th.

EDWARD GREEN What! Is Dealer Dan solar powered?


EDWARD GREEN And voice-activated?

MR. SMITH Yes. It's the same technology . .. but

    cheaper. I think Dealer Dan would just like to say



EDWARD GREEN I don't understand...

DEALER DAN If you can' t stand the heat get out of the


[stand 承受]

GERALDINE I'm afraid Mr. Peter is running a bit

    behind schedule but he won't be long. Thank you.

EDWARD GREEN Have you seen Don?

GERALDINE He's in the boardroom in a meeting.

EDWARD GREEN Something important has come up. I

    need to talk to him.

[come up 出现了]

GERALDINE He's with Mr. Reiley.


DON BRADLEY We' 11 get some examples of the display

   materials to you and there will also be a point of sale

    video of the product. Come in.

[material 材料]

EDWARD GREEN Don,Mr. Reiley. Sorry to interrupt.

    Something important has come up. Can you spare a

    minute?                                     "

DON BRADLEY Can it wait? I' 11 be through in ten


EDWARD GREEN Not really.

DON BRADLEY Okay. I' m sorry. Do you mind if I

    deal with this?

EDWARD GREEN I think we've got a problem. I have

    just talked to Mr. Smith on the phone. The catalogue

DON BRADLEY Who the hell is Dealer Dan?

[the hell 见鬼(抱怨的口头语)]

CLIVE HARRIS Let's get this straight. You think we' 11

   meet these targets.

[get this straight 直接到这个问题]

DEREK JONES Yes, I do. But we' 11 need to either

   increase overtime or take on some casual staff...

[overtime 超时的

casual staff 临时工]

DON BRADLEY Do you mind if I butt in?

[butt in 插入]

CLIVE HARRIS Not at all. What's the matter?

DON BRADLEY I think we need to talk. Something very

   important has come up.

JENNY ROSS Do you know where Don is? I thought he

   was in a meeting with a client.

[client 客户]

GERALDINE He was. But he cut the meeting short.

   There's a problem.


GERALDINE I don't know. Something about Dealer


DEREK JONES Everything in Big Boss is new. The idea

   is new. The technology is new.

DON BRADLEY Maybe Dealer Dan is a coincidence. Is

   that possible?

[coincidence 巧合]

DEREK JONES It' s possible. Of course it' s possible,

   but it is very unlikely.

[unlikely 不可能]

CLIVE HARRIS How many people knew about The


DEREK JONES Well, hundreds of people.

CLIVE HARRIS No, I'm sorry, that's not what I

   mean. I'm talking about the technology. How many

   knew about that?

DEREK JONES Well, only the people in my team.

DON BRADLEY I think we need to find out more about

   Dealer Dan.

CLIVE HARRIS I' 11 make a few calls. Don, you set up

   a meeting with the marketing team and look at our

   options. I' ll get back to you as soon as I hear

   anything. Derek, l want you to get hold of Dealer Dan.

[set up 召开]

JENNY ROSS I' m calling about the meeting scheduled

   for this afternoon I' m terribly Sorry but Don won' t be

   able to make it. Is there any chance that we could

   re-arrange it for the same time next week?

EDWARD GREEN Yes, I' m really sorry, but it' s

   absolutely impossible for me this afternoon, I' 11 have to

   work late tonight, Something has come up.

[absolutely 绝对地]

JENNY ROSS Is there any way that Mrs. Clark could

   bring forward her meeting with Don by an hour? I'm

   trying to re-schedule all of Don' s appointments for


[bring forward 提前]

EDWARD GREEN Ah, do you have his diary in front of

   you? Good. Could we move the meeting from two

   o' clock on Thursday to sometime on Friday morning?

JENNY ROSS Alright,  if you can' t make any time in

   the next week, could we set up a four-way telephone


[four-way 四路的

telephone conference 电话会议]

GERALDINE Clive, it's Mr. Sakai on the line for you.


   How are you, Kazo?

MR. SAKAI Well, Clive, thank you.

CLIVE HARRIS It's nice to hear from you. How are the


MR. SAKAI They are fine, Clive. Thank you for asking.

   Clive, can I come to the point very quickly?

[come to the point 直接切入正题]


MR. SAKAI I' m very worried. I have just seen a new

   product which is very like the Big Boss.


MR. SAKAI I have changed my plans. I' 11 be in London

   tomorrow. We must meet. My secretary will fax all my

   travel plans.

CLIVE HARRIS Yes, of course, Kazo. I' 11 meet you at

   the airport. Goodbye.

   Sally, whatever you have arranged for me tomorrow,

   it's cancelled. I'll be at the airport all morning with

   Mr. Sakai.  And possibly the afternoon as well.

DEREK JONES How much do J. K. Toys know about you

   and who told them? And how good is Dealer Dan?


                        PROGRAMME 11



DEREK JONES The technology is the same as ours. I

    have never seen two products which are so similar. In

    concept and design there are no basic differences.

     None. However I have examined the components and

    the XR590...

[concept 概念]

KATE McKENNA What is the XR5907

DEREK JONES The XR590 is the power source which

    drives Dealer Dam I think it has a few weaknesses.

    It's not as good. In my opinion it's not reliable

    enough for children.

[weakness 缺陷

reliable 可靠的]

DON BRADLEY Exactly how unrealiable is it?

[unrealiable 不可靠]

DEREK JONES I can't say exactly. I haven't completed

    the tests yet. It's too early to say.

KATE McKENNA Will it affect their sales?

[affect 影响]


DEREK JONES Not much in the first six months l


KATE McKENNA It's the first six months that are


DON BRADLEY Edward, what do you think of their


[packaging 包装]

EDWARD GREEN Well, plenty of bright colours. It' 11

    have a lot of impact at point, of sale.

[impact 影响]

GERALDINE I'm afraid they are all meeting at the

    moment. No, I' m sorry, I don' t know what time it will


    I' 11 put you through to Mr. Harris' secretary, and she

    can make an appointment for you. Please hold the line.

CLIVE HARRIS Nice to see you again, Peter. It' s been

    a long time.

PETER DAY How are things at Bibury Systems?

CLIVE HARRIS Very interesting at the moment.

PETER DAY I've just heard you're going into

    partnership with a rather good Japanese Company.

[partnership 合伙]

CLIVE HARRIS That' s not exactly true ... Peter, are

    you still doing consultancy work?

[consultancy 咨询]

PETER DAY Yes. I haven't retired yet!

[retire 退休]

CLIVE HARRIS Look, can I give you a lift back?

    We haven't had a chance to chat for a long time.

DON BRADLEY What have you found out about their

    marketing strategy?

KATE McKENNA They gave already scheduled a

  television advertising campaign.


KATE McKENNA E. G. N. C. The company that they

   always use.

DON BRADLEY When is it scheduled?

KATE McKENNA Sometime next month, but I haven't

   found out the exact date yet.

DON BRADLEY Have you heard what they are spending

   on TV advertising?

KATE McKENNA I don't know.

GERALDINE No, I' m sorry, they are still in a meeting.

   I don't know how long they'll be. Let me take your

   number and I will get one of them to call you back.

PETER DAY It' s good of you to give me a lift.

CLIVE HARRIS It's no problem. Are you still doing

   consultancy work for J. K. Toys?

PETER DAY I wondered why you were going out of your

   way to give me a lift.

CLIVE HARRIS Well, are you?

PETER DAY Technically no. I' ve just finished. But that

   work was confidential.

[confidential 保密]

CLIVE HARRIS Yes, of course.

   You could be working for us, you know, I might need

   a consultant.

[consultant 咨询者]


CLIVE HARRIS Well, perhaps. I might need an idea of'

   the best way to react to Dealer Dan.

PETER DAY How did you get to hear about that?

CLIVE HARRIS A customer. Do you know that Dealer

   Dan is very like a new toy we have developed? Dealer

   Dan could hurt us badly. I don't want any secrets. I

   don't want to compromise you, I just want some

   general information.

[compromise 妥协

general 总的,整体的]

PETER DAY  How general?

KATE McKENNA We know their selling price, but

   what's their unit cost?

DON BRADLEY Derek, what's your estimate?

[estimate 估计]

DEREK JONES I can't say. I don't know what their

   production run is. We haven't had that information


[production run 产量]

DON BRADLEY Well, Big Boss's production run is

   three hundred thousand. Will they produce three

   hundred thousand? Or more?

DEREK JONES I don't know the answer to that one. At

   that retail price they have to sell a lot of toys.

DON BRADLEY It can't be less than 300 thousand, can


PETER DAY Thanks for the lift, Clive.

CLIVE HARRIS You are something of a specialist in the

    Far East, aren't you?

[specialist 专家

Far East 远东]

PETER DAY You could say that.

CLIVE HARRIS Well, when this deal with this Japanese

    company is settled, we might need your help. We shall

    need a consultant to help set things up. Of course, the

    success of Big Boss is a very important part of the deal.

PETER DAY When might this happen?

CLIVE HARRIS That depends.

[That depends 看情况了]

PETER DAY The production run is 300, 000 units.

CLIVE HARRIS And the advertising budget?

[advertising budget 广告预算]

PETER DAY Clive, I don't know. Really, I don't